YouTube cracks down on crypto content – A Christmas Gift

YouTube cracks down on crypto content – A Christmas Gift
Written by:
Ali Raza
25th December 2019
Updated: 11th March 2020
  • YouTube recently decided to crack down on crypto content, joining the ranks of Google and Facebook.
  • The platform flagged cryptocurrency videos as 'dangerous and harmful content' before removing them entirely.
  • The number of affected Youtubers continues to grow, and content creators are massively moving towards decentralized video platforms.

While the crypto trend still continues to spread around the world, its popularity on social networks is a bit more debatable. Some of the biggest social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google, have banned crypto-related content in the final act of crypto censorship. Unfortunately, they were joined by the world’s biggest video platform, YouTube, only a few days ago.

YouTube’s content creators — commonly known as Youtubers — who share an interest in cryptocurrency, recently started reporting that their videos in which they talk about digital money are getting removed with no real reason. Countless videos have already been pulled down from the platform, and YouTubers have taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain about the new crypto censorship.

While it seemed like there was no particular ‘trigger’ that caused YouTube to crack down on crypto content suddenly, the move is not particularly surprising, considering that Facebook and Google already did the same a long time ago.

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However, after digging a bit deeper, many believe that there may be a reason for YouTube’s new move, after all. About a month ago, researchers discovered a botnet known as Stantinko, which was spreading via linked text in the YouTube comment section and video descriptions. This may be the reason why the platform suddenly decided to censor this type of content.

According to recent reports, the botnet may have already infected around half a million computers in countries such as Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

After infecting devices, it would use them to mine Monero on behalf of the hackers, while using victims’ resources.

Youtubers seeking out decentralized platforms

Even so, the new wave of crypto censorship (as well as other changes YouTube has brought this year) has caused many to start moving to decentralized platforms under the hashtag #YouTubeIsOver, in order to avoid further censorship.

While platforms such as DTube and PeetTube have struggled to attract content creators from YouTube, the platform may have just made a move that will inspire people to leave itself.

Some of the best-known crypto Youtubers that were affected include the likes of Chico Crypto, Crypto Tips, Chris Dunn, and Ivan on Tech. They all reported that the platform categorized their videos as ‘harmful and dangerous content,’ after taking them down with no prior warning.

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