Amazon wants you to have a hand identity

on Dec 28, 2019
Updated: Mar 11, 2020
  • Amazon wishes to introduce a new hand scan technology in the Amazon Go stores.
  • Each hand identity will be linked to the customer's bank account, removing the need of carrying cards while shopping.
  • Amazon has gained 25% in the stock market in 2019 so far.

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If you have gone to an Amazon cashier-less store, you know how all you have to do is check-in and out with an app. However, with the turn of the decade, Amazon wants to simply be able to ask consumers to scan their hands- yes, a distinct hand identity.

Before you get surprised, you already know that thumb scans are common and so are face scans now. However, identification by scanning the palm of your hand is so far unheard of. The US Patent and Trademark Office has an application from Amazon that is now in process for a scanning system that allows consumers to be identified with palm characteristics- wrinkles, lines, skin tone, etc.

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If you think about it, you can always lose or forget a card when shopping, but you will never lose your hand, will you? Therefore, you can always shop without worrying about whether you have your card, phone, etc. with you.

Amazon Wishes To Start Hand Scanning With Amazon Go Stores

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Once the technology is properly developed and launched in the market, Amazon may begin hand scanning in Amazon Go stores while it allegedly wants to start with Whole Foods customers.

It seems that the online shopping giant is now set to revolutionize how shoppers feel in regular physical shopping environments. However, it is imperative to note that this new hand scanning system may cause major privacy concerns. Consumers are already a bit sceptical about existing products such as the Alexa voice assistant and other security systems.

How Will Amazon’s Hand Scan Technology Work?

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As mentioned above, if brought to the market, the scanner may take dual scans. One on the surface that takes obvious or visible characteristics of a palm into consideration such as wrinkles, skin tone, etc. The second scan will be deeper and will also capture bones, tissue and other formations under the skin.

Basically, the scanner will ask customers to scan their hands at entrances and exits, and each hand identity will be linked to a bank account. Hence, anything that the customers purchase and exit the store with, will automatically be deducted from the customer’s bank account.

The system is already implemented in Amazon Go Stores around the United States but is now linked to an app. Customers come in and exit by scanning an app and they are then automatically allowed to pick up items from the shelves that are automatically accounted for and the price subtracted from their bank account.

Therefore, long checkout lines may soon be a thing of the past. While this technology has mainly been adopted by the tech giant Amazon, it probably won’t be long before others follow suit.

It is technological innovations like these that have enabled Amazon to gain around 25% in the stock market in 2019. The stock is closed the last week at $1,870 on Friday.


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