Former Employees Sue TRON on Grounds of Hostile Work Environment

on Jan 27, 2020
  • Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek filed a lawsuit against Tron CEO and Chief Engineer alleging workplace mistreatment
  • Hall and Juraszek were allegedly mistreated and wrongfully dismissed
  • The lawsuit is pursuing $15 million in damages

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Former employees of TRON, Richard Hall and Lukasz Juraszek, filed a lawsuit against the CEO of the company, Justin Sun, on the grounds of workplace mistreatment. According to the employees, TRON harassed and fired them after they opposed the management methods and applications of the technology the crypto company was building.

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Hall and Juraszek filed the lawsuit in the state of California last October. The 70-page lawsuit describes how Hall and Juraszek were putting up with escalating mistreatment that resulted in their dismissal from BitTorrent last summer.

Specifically, the lawsuit was filed against Justin Sun, founder and Chief Executive of the TRON Foundation, and Cong Li, the chief engineer. The case was made public last week.

The case narrates how Sun used disparaging exclamations and coerced Hall to release fast-tracking  BitTorrent software. According to the text, Sun also slapped Li and no disciplinary sanction was taken, and he also physically attacked the manager whom he had previously verbally insulted. 

“Lukasz Juraszek saw two sets of shoes under the conference room door,” the text said, speaking of Li and the manager, “and then heard a loud commotion coming from the room and then what seemed like a punch, slap, or a strike of a hand.” After Li left the room, the manager’s “face was red, his eyes glossy,” said Juraszek.

The lawsuit also highlights other problems such as ethical issues and unclear third-party copyrights. Hall said he pointed out the danger of third parties hosting copyright-violating content and child pornography, however, Sun and Li showed little interest in his proposal to hire lawyers to investigate the TRON Foundation’s BitTorrent updates.

“Cong Li summarily dismissed these concerns, stated that he had discussed these concerns with Justin Sun, and that no legal review would be done,” the case said.

The lawsuit is demanding $15 million in damages, and the intervention by the government against claims of labor law violations, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, distress, and hostile work environment.

“TRON is not able to speak on the details of pending litigation, but what we can tell you is that our customers, employees and the TRON community are extremely important to us,” said Sun and Li, in a statement from a spokesperson.

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