Around 4,300 businesses now accept BCH payments

Around 4,300 businesses now accept BCH payments
Written by:
Ali Raza
10th February, 13:09
Updated: 11th March, 09:00
  • Bitcoin Cash community on Reddit recently noted a significant surge in BCH adoption.
  • The number of merchants accepting BCH grew to nearly 4,400, with 53 new merchants adopting the coin in last week alone.
  • The community is pleased with the adoption rate, although it believes that there is still more room for adoption, which is why it plans to continue its efforts in 2020 and beyond.

Cryptocurrency adoption continues to progress around the world, with recent reports stating that over 4,300 different businesses adopted Bitcoin Cash (BCH) alone. As many likely know, Bitcoin Cash is not very old crypto at this point, with only two and a half years since it came to be after a BTC hard fork.

Since then. however, it grew into a massive project that was constantly promoted by its supporters. The community’s efforts clearly bore fruit, as around 4,392 merchants currently accept BCH payments for their goods and services. Around 53 new merchants accepted the coin only last week, according to Reddit user u/neonwasteland.

The user claims to have obtained merchant data — which they posted as part of the adoption thread, Merchant Monday — from three different sites. The first of them, has around 1,140 listed merchants. The second,, lists around 1,894 of them, while the third, Green Pages, has 1,203.

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He also noted that the current numbers feature more merchants than last week — around 53 of them, as mentioned.

BCH adoption around the world

in addition, after combining the numbers from these three sites and adding an additional 155 Anypay merchants, the user came up with 4.392 total BCH-accepting businesses around the world. even features a map that shows where the BCH-accepting merchants are located, indicating that there are large concentrations of merchants in the US and South America. Geocrypto locations show a large concentration in Slovenia and Croatia, as well.

Another big swarm is located in Australia, and particularly in the northern region of North Queensland. Finally, there is also a significant number of merchants in Japan, BCH supporters also have big goals for 2020, which do not differ much from those in previous years. They wish to see as many merchants accept BCH as possible. To that extent, groups around the world continue to spread awareness and promote the coin. So far, the community is pleased with the levels of adoption, although they still believe that there is a lot more room for BCH adoption.

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