Amazon’s lawsuit seeks to depose President Trump and the Defense Secretary for unfair interference in Pentagon’s JEDI contract

on Feb 11, 2020
Updated: Mar 11, 2020
  • Amazon’s lawsuit seeks to depose President Trump and the Defense Secretary for unfair interference in Pentagon’s JEDI contract.
  • Pentagon announced Microsoft as the winner of its $10 billion JEDI contract last year.
  • Amazon's lawsuit highlights multiple instances of Trump's unfair use of power.

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With Pentagon choosing Microsoft for its $10 billion JEDI contract, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has filed a lawsuit against Defense Secretary Mark Esper and President Donald Trump that seeks to investigate their involvement in the decision that it called “largely unfair”. In an event that the tech giant succeeds in proving it as a move set out to “screw Amazon”, AWS will go in pursuit of deposing the president and the defense secretary.

President Trump has openly derided Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos in the past and is a known critic of the online retail giant. In its lawsuit, Amazon alleged the president to have had an exerted unfair influence on Pentagon’s decision that was planned to sabotage Amazon.

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Pentagon’s JEDI Aims At Improving U.S Military Access To Data And Technology

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JEDI or Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud is a Pentagon’s project worth $10 billion that aims at improving the access for the U.S military to data and technology specifically from remote locations.

Amazon’s lawsuit highlights that the company is in search if getting an insight into how exactly was the Pentagon’s decision tampered by President Trump. Without such evidence, the company highlighted, it would be difficult for the Court of Law to objectively and completely assess AWS’s allegations of Pentagon’s decision being biased.

Bezos is also the current owner of Washington Post, a platform whose coverage is widely popular for being critical of the president.

The court records further highlighted that upon receipt of evidence, Amazon will also seek to depose James Mattis (former Defense Secretary), Dana Deasy (Chief Information Officer), and four personnel from procurement.  

Amazon’s Lawsuit Highlights Multiple Instances Of Trump’s Unfair Use Of Power

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An Amazon spokesperson commented on Monday that President Trump has been involved in multiple instances when he used his stature as the President of the United States and Commander in Chief to tamper with official decisions and have them support his personal interests. Such interference, the spokesperson added, has also been directed at federal procurements.

Amazon’s lawsuit also highlights a few of such instances in support of its allegations. For example, Trump’s involvement in the U.S Army Corps of Engineers’ decision directed at ensuring victory for Fisher Industries in winning a border wall contract worth $400 million that was alleged in 2019. Trump was also alleged to have intervened in the decision of moving the FBI’s headquarters to a suburban new campus. The new FBI campus is located close to a Washington hotel that is under the ownership of Trump’s company.

The Pentagon and the White House haven’t commented on the news.

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