Ethereum network gets its own game development platform

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Feb 18, 2020
Updated: Apr 10, 2020
  • Enjin has just launched its new game development platform based on Ethereum's network.
  • The platform allows anyone to integrate digital assets (based on ERC-1155 model) into their games, whether new or existing.
  • Developers do not need to know how to write blockchain code in order to include tokens into their games, and bring crypto and gaming industries closer than ever.

According to its new announcement, Enjin has just launched its brand new game development platform on Ethereum. The move might be a major game-changer for crypto and gaming industries alike as it could allow millions of developers to potentially integrate digital currencies into their apps and games, even if they lack knowledge of how to write blockchain code.

The company’s announcement states that the purpose of the Enjin Platform is to help engineers take advantage of decentralized inventory. In other words, they would be able to integrate blockchain-based assets — whether they are gaming-related or not — and help them manage economic gameplay mechanics.

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Maxim Blagov, the company’s CEO, stated that the new platform was built to integrate seamlessly into existing and new games alike. In addition, it would provide a competitive edge to studios of any size, regardless of the genre.

Enjin Platform and Ethereum tokens

In essence, the new Enjin Platform is basically a suite of services and tools, based on a web interface that supports Ethereum’s ERC-1155 token model. Any coin based on this model can be used for integration into games in a single smart contract, regardless of whether the token is fungible or non-fungible.

Non-fungible tokens, which are usually considered collectibles due to their ability to have different, unique characteristics, have particular potential when it comes to their integration into games. Apart from ERC-1155 tokens, the platform also uses the company’s own native cryptocurrency, Enjin coin (ENJ). ENJ serves as a minting resource, meaning that it is used for backing the value of in-game assets.

Over 2,500 projects using ERC-1155 token model have been created on Enjin Platform’s testnet version, and the standard is pretty much the same technology as used by Microsoft’s Azure Heroes’ contributor rewards program.

Further, Enjin does not plan to start there — it already has more in the works, such as their blockchain SDK (Software Development Kit) for Gadot.

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