Japan organizing virtual Bitcoin Cash meetups due to coronavirus

Written by: Ali Raza
April 10, 2020
  • Japan's crypto community has been trying to find a way to organize meetups while trying to do it responsibly and not help spread coronavirus.
  • The BCH community eventually agreed to hold these meetups virtually.
  • Similar methods have also been employed for conferences and gatherings in other countries, although some events had to be rescheduled.

Coronavirus spreading seems to still be at full strength, disrupting the global economy, countless industries, as well as day-to-day life in countries around the globe. However, thanks to modern technology, many are finding alternatives when it comes to working, socializing, and even organizing events.

One example of this was recently seen in Japan, as the country’s crypto community found a way to organize meetups without having attending physically. According to sources, the crypto community in Japan has been organizing Bitcoin Cash meetup groups in Tokyo and Osaka by allowing the members to join in virtually.

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Currently, there are fewer than 1,000 reported cases of coronavirus infection in the country, but even so, companies and organizations are starting to offer alternatives and a more suggestive language in their announcements. The goal, of course, is to try and stop the spreading of the virus before it gets out of hand.

Crypto meetups to continue in virtual form

The Bitcoin Cash Meetup group from Tokyo found this troubling, as it had two meetings scheduled to take place in March, both of which had to be canceled due to the pandemic. However, they sought a solution, and organizer Akane Yokoo eventually came up with the alternative, notifying the community on March 17th that the meetup will take place after all, only virtually.

The first meetup will take place tomorrow, March 18th, and it will last from 7.30 pm. The plan is to hold regular meetups every Wednesday at the same time when the physical events would take place.

Physical meetups, apart from being advised against, are also made difficult due to the lack of high-demand items, such as masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, and alike. These items are still not as available in the country as they were before the virus outbreak. Even so, Yokoo suggested that attending in person is also possible, provided that attendees take necessary precautions.

Blockchain and crypto conferences around the world have been planning similar methods of organizing meetups while trying not to spread the virus, and many firms have suggested or ordered that their employees work from home.

While many events were able to move to a virtual world, this was, unfortunately, not possible for all of them, even in Japan. This is why TEAMZ Blockchain Summit had to be rescheduled from April 22-23 to September 28th.

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