Opera enables crypto debit card and Apple Pay purchases for US users

Written by: Ali Raza
May 8, 2020
  • One of the major browsers, Opera, recently announced that it will offer an easy way for US users to purchase cryptocurrencies.
  • The browser is allowing the purchase of crypto via debit card for Android users, and Apple Pay for iOS users.
  • The new move will make buying and storing crypto from Opera wallet much faster and simpler than ever.

Opera has recently decided to expand its mobile and desktop browsers by allowing cryptocurrency purchases to its US users. The new move comes as the company continues creating its Web 3.0 credentials. The inclusion of crypto purchases was made possible through a partnership with a US-licensed money transmitting company known as Wyre.

Wyre is a well-known transmitter that services the crypto sector, and thanks to its collaboration with Opera, the browser’s US users will be able to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from Opera’s integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

Opera’s new move to help spread crypto adoption

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Android users who install the browser on their devices will be able to use debit cards, while iOS users will be allowed to purchase cryptocurrencies via Apple Pay. For Android users, the browser is branded Opera for Android, while for iOS users, it is Opera Touch. Buying cryptocurrencies via these browsers has also been open to citizens of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and for more than a year, at this point.

Now, Opera is delivering the same capabilities to the US, with plans to offer them to other countries as well. While the company did not specify when this might take place, it did say that it will be ‘very soon.’

Interestingly, the browser is not exactly a major player, as only 0.48% of the market share goes to it. The situation is better in Europe, where Opera holds 2.12% of the market share. But, it still serves around 320 million people, and the new capabilities might help expand its user base in the US further.

The new move also comes as an attempt to help spread crypto adoption by making it simple and available to everyone. The company’s head of crypto, Charles Hamel, said that obtaining cryptos in the past used to be a cumbersome process that took hours, sometimes even days. Now, it will be possible within 30 seconds.

The firm has made multiple steps to help crypto users interact with digital currencies more easily, by adding a crypto wallet and a dApp explorer, as well as privacy and security tools, similarly to what the Brave browser did over the past few years.

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