WHO to fight coronavirus with its new blockchain platform

WHO to fight coronavirus with its new blockchain platform
Written by:
Ali Raza
28th March, 14:15
  • The World Health Organization is preparing to start using blockchain to fight coronavirus outbreak.
  • The WHO will use the new blockchain-based platform, created in partnership with multiple tech giants, to track the virus and identify global infection hotspots.
  • The move represents yet another example of blockchain's usefulness in the modern world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) seems to have recognized blockchain’s potential for fighting COVID-19 pandemic. The organization announced new partnerships earlier today. The partners are helping it launch its own blockchain network.

WHO’s new blockchain to identify and track COVID-19 infections

The announcement revealed partnerships with several major tech and blockchain firms. The partners are working together to create a platform for sharing information of the ongoing pandemic. One of the partnering companies is the tech giant, IBM, as well as a computer firm, Oracle. Among others are also Microsoft itself, as well as blockchain firm, Hacera.

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The platform’s name is MiPasa, and it was created on  Hyperledger Fabric. Its goal is to allow for early detection of coronavirus carriers, as well as infected hotspots.

It will be able to allow private information sharing between individuals and health institutions, as well as state authorities. It will combine health data and location info to gain and provide global insight into the virus’ spreading. Meanwhile, it will ensure patient privacy. Not only that, but it will soon receive numerous analytics tools that will be available to the public.

MiPasa website claims that the project can: “Monitor and foresee local and global epidemiological trends and detect likely asymptomatic carriers by feeding big data on infection routes and occurrences to powerful AI processors around the world.”

It has already attracted contributions from national health institutions from around the globe. Meanwhile, the move also represents a major exposure to blockchain technology. If nothing else, it highlighted a number of blockchain’s capabilities and applications.

Governments around the world are starting to use blockchain tech

This is also not the first example of new blockchain use in the last several days. On March 25th, the AUE Ministry of Community Development started using this tech for document distribution and identity verification. It was also presented as the most efficient way for stimulus package distribution in the US. Some have even proposed the creation of a digital dollar.

Meanwhile, China is preparing to launch its Blockchain-based Service Network in April. It also plans to use blockchain for fighting coronavirus pandemic. With blockchain, it can track the virus, collect medical records, distribute supplies, and more.

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