Blockchain-based coronavirus testing app in the works

Written by: Ali Raza
April 28, 2020
  • A blockchain project Genobank is working on developing an app for tracking COVID-19 spreading.
  • The app would provide users with testing kits, so they can test themselves anonymously.
  • The project comes due to concerns of undocumented workers and citizens who are avoiding testing.

As the coronavirus outbreak progresses, businesses around the world are trying to contribute to the fight against it. Some of the most innovative solutions, but, are coming straight from the blockchain industry.

A new app for tracking the virus’ spreading

According to an announcement by Telos Foundation, which is in charge of EOS-based platform Telos, a new app is coming to its ecosystem. The app is a product of a blockchain project Genobank. The project is working on offering consumers’ ownership and control over their DNA data.

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However, with the global pandemic keeping the world under lockdown, it decided to try and help with the current situation. The project’s current goal is to launch an open-source app, Agerona. The app would help people test for coronavirus, and it would store the test data on the Telos blockchain.

As part of the program, the project also works on a token that would enable information sharing. The app is currently nearing completion, and the official launch will likely come at some point in April.

The new app is likely to help with the current situation from an interesting angle. Currently, many of the world’s governments worry about certain individuals in their countries. These include undocumented workers and individuals who live in their countries without permission. Many of these people likely carry the infection, but they avoid testing and treatment. They themselves worry about the consequences of revealing themselves.

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How will the app work?

Agerona can help by facilitating purchases from partner test suppliers. Users will be able to scan a barcode which is unique for each test. They can then provide their results via anonymous accounts. The partnering labs would then test the samples, and upload the results back to the blockchain. As a result, the individuals would know if they carry the infection, and the authorities would track the virus’ spreading.

Geobank’s CEO, Daniel Uribe, commented on the move. He said that “People have the right to know if they have the coronavirus without violating their privacy.

Originally, the project wanted to create a solution for the US. Yet, it found many foreign contributors, which might lead to it expanding into other jurisdictions.