Cardano product managers claim ITN was a major success

Cardano product managers claim ITN was a major success
Written by:
Jinia Shawdagor
7th April, 14:06
  • Product managers at IOHK say the Cardano Shelley ITN was a big success.
  • Byron reboot cleared the way for Shelley’s mainnet launch.
  • Shelly mainnet launch set for this year.

According to IOHK’s product managers, the Cardano Shelley Incentivized Testnet (ITN) was a great success. This news comes after IOHK’s product management team gave the first of its scheduled monthly updates on Cardano’s current progress in the past week.

Reportedly, the testnet has performed better than expected. According to the Cardano development team, more than 1,000 staking pools have been added to the network. On top of this, the developers noted that more than 17,000 people delegated 38 percent of the total ADA supply that is in circulation.

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Aparna Jue, the product director of the IOHK development team said,

“The success of the Cardano Shelley Incentivized Testnet reflected the hard work of the development team and the valuable feedback from the Cardano community. They have been able to use the feedback to improve the upcoming mainnet and answer questions about the network. They are now working on introducing methods of communication within pool operators and eliminating bad behavior on the network.”

Byron reboot clears the way for Shelley launch

Per the publication, all the work that the development team is doing on ITN is set to pave the way for the mainnet release of Shelley. Nonetheless, the team unveiled that the Byron reboot played a significant role by building the foundation for the launch of Cardano’s staking error.

Jue disclosed that Cardano is currently in the innermost layer of Cardano-based principles, performance reliability, and sync times. The reboot brought about a better, evidence-based technology model. As such, it is a key component for Shelly because approximately 80 percent of its code is Byron code.

Additionally, Jue noted that the development team has already conducted properties-based testing for Shelly. The next level involves integration testing and quality assurance. She added that. once the team tests all of Shelley’s features systematically, IOHK intends to release the testnet to the community, allowing users to try it out.

Striving to make Cardano fully decentralized

Jue unveiled that IOHK will begin reaching out to specific key stakeholders in the next few weeks and pool operators to start testing the network and release documentation. Also, she unveiled that the firm is working on the pre-release version of a Daedalus wallet for ITN dubbed Daedalus Flight. This wallet will purportedly allow users to give developers feedback.

The company projects that the Cardano mainnet should go live before the end of this year. If all promises are met, this feat will make the blockchain network fully decentralized.

Do you think IOHK will succeed in making the Cardano blockchain 100 percent decentralized? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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