Ledger has just incorporated Crypto

Ledger has just incorporated Crypto
Written by:
Ali Raza
9th April, 15:22
Updated: 28th April, 14:37
  • Ledger and Crypto.com recently collaborated for implementing Crypto.com Pay into Ledger's online store.
  • The move will allow crypto users to benefit by using the cashback program, which returns 10% of the payment.
  • The users will have to pay with CRO in order to get the rewards, and some aspects of the program.

Ledger, a popular crypto hardware provider best-known for its cold wallets, just announced the incorporation of Crypto.com Pay.  Thanks to this move, anyone wishing to purchase Ledger hardware can now do it by paying with crypto. Customers can currently use only two coins — Litecoin, and Crypto.com Coin (CRO).

Of course, this is not the only way that users can pay in crypto. Ledger already accepted crypto payments via Bitpay. This allowed customers to pay with Bitcoin, as well as a handful of other coins. However, the integration of another payment channel will mean that customers can profit from its cashback program.

How does the new cashback system work?

The program is specially designed for its users to benefit, and it will only work for those paying for Ledger products in CRO. Of course, this also means that it will only work for those who purchase hardware in Ledger’s online store.

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Some aspects of the program will have a limited duration, lasting from the moment of integration until May 31st. Users can benefit by receiving a 10% cashback on each of their purchases. The 10% will only last until May 31st, and while the program will continue after that, the rewards will have a cap. After this date, users will only receive rewards up to $50. Further, the rewards will arrive at the users’ Crypto.com wallets after the sale.

The two firms also introduced certain measures to prevent the exploits of the program. For example, if anyone cancels their order, Crypto.com will also cancel the rewards.

Obviously, in order to benefit from the new program, users will need to have an account at Crypto.com. That also includes having a wallet on the platform, and owning CRO tokens within the wallet. They then have to go to Ledger’s online store and purchase hardware. The process is simple, and users can do it by selecting Crypto.com as a payment method.

After that, they will receive the next steps that they must follow in order to get the rewards.

Crypto.com has made quite a few headlines recently

While a significant move on Crypto.com’s part, it is not the first noticeable development for the company recently. The firm has made numerous steps to increase its rate of expansion in the last several months.

In 2019, Crypto.com launched its cryptocurrency exchange. Back then, its CEO, Kris Marszalek, said that the goal is to develop an entire ecosystem. Then, only a month ago, the firm launched its brand new invoice service for merchants. This will allow anyone who wishes to receive payments in crypto to do so. Lastly, it launched numerous measures for easing the impact caused by anti-coronavirus restrictions.

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