Is Jonathan Ross invested in Bitcoin Revolution as alleged?

By: Invezz
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on Apr 16, 2020
Updated: Nov 25, 2020

It’s no longer business as usual for cryptocurrency investors with a continuous surge in fraud cases. Bitcoin investors have been an unhappy lot, thanks to a slew of celebrity-associated scandals that have now become the order of the day, with little to no action being taken by regulators and respective authorities.

In case you haven’t heard it just yet, Jonathan Ross, one UK’s leading media personalities, is alleged to have endorsed a Bitcoin trading app known as Bitcoin Revolution, luring countless investors into what is now believed to be a scam.

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In the next few paragraphs, we trace the origin of the whole saga to try and establish what transpired.

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Stephen Ross was born in November 1960 and is an English television and radio presenter, comedian, film critic, and actor. He is better known for presenting BBC’s One chat programme Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

Ross acted as film critic for the Film programme and also hosted his radio show on BBC Radio 2 between 2000 and 2005. 

He started his media career as a programme researcher, before his debut as a presenter. The media mogul has landed key roles in award-winning shows bagging three BAFTA awards for Best Entertainment Performance, in 2004, 2006 and 2007.

According to Forbes, Jonathan Ross is approximately worth £28 million.

Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution has been around since 2017 when a group of established brokers came together to develop a tool that would make it easier for investors to trade Bitcoin without much human involvement past the algorithm set-up. 

The tool is automatic, meaning, investors who find it hard to navigate the “murky” crypto markets can effortlessly trade Bitcoin using the system and benefit from price movements. The app automatically executes trades using available user account balances.

Bitcoin Revolution claims to offer a high trade accuracy level of more than 99%, with investors only required to “switch” on and off the auto-trading functionality.

Is Jonathan Ross guilty of misleading his fans?

We did a thorough one on Ross’s alleged involvement with Bitcoin Revolution but could not find a single credible source that supported the claims. The sites that are advertising the celebrity’s endorsement of Bitcoin Revolution are mostly websites with a notorious history of peddling falsehood.

To the best of our knowledge, Jonathan Ross is not in any way involved with Bitcoin Revolution and the news should be considered fake.

Why the media is focused on the story

Ross is a popular individual not just in the UK but globally. Now, it is not quite surprising that he ended up on the front page of news bulletins when the rumour was published. For months now, the alleged endorsement has been doing rounds online, causing excitement and confusion in equal measures among investors.

But as we later found out, the news was spread by a group of perfidious internet marketers whose sole goal is to boost their affiliate commissions from the mentioned trading tools while earning from the click-through ads as well.

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit?

It’s not the first time Bitcoin Revolution’s credibility is being put to test. We’ve come across dozens of user concerns regarding the platform. So we decided to create an exhaustive review of the app, to try and answer most (if not all) the concerns we’ve received from readers.

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