Cardano has successfully tested its Shelly Network

Written by: Ali Raza
May 4, 2020
  • The Shell Network team also added more decoders to the Sheller ledger transactions.
  • The new upgrade will bring improvement in overall system performance.
  • Other changes were also made on the Daedalus installer through the addition of a detection tool.

Reports revealed that the tests for the decentralized Cardano Shelly network have been completed successfully. The network has been one of the most popular blockchain-based platforms in the blockchain community. Cardano is keenly interested in infrastructure development to meet the needs of users now and in the future.

With this achievement, the Cardano team has reached a significant milestone, according to the project team.

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The team also included additional decoders in the Shelley ledger for transactions, block headers, as well as blocks. And instead of making the active slot coefficient a protocol parameter, they made it a global constant.

Achievement is a remarkable one for ADA ecosystem

Cardano showed the update today after sharing several roadmap updates on the completion of the tests. It shared the updates which take place in the fast-developing ADA ecosystem.

According to the report, Cardano said it has successfully concluded the first test for the decentralized Shelley network. This development is a rather impressive one for the ADA ecosystem as it validates the consensus implementation and ledger of the team.

The development team added cryptographic algorithms to the ecosystem utilized when carrying out the tests. It also fixed the latest problem with heap exhaustion in the property test.

Additionally, we revoked one of the transition rules as a result of issues during integration. However, the linked pull request is passing through the CI tests” the team said.

There were other updates

Cardano revealed that the DevOps team is strongly testing the Shelley CLI systems to make sure they can run modes and produce genesis blocks in Praos.

Apart from that, the team also improved the Daedalus installer through the addition of a detection tool to the operating systems. According to the team, the installers can provide support for Webassembly code.

The wallet recovery phase has also been re-implemented with verification feature for improved performance. Also, the announcement revealed that there were improvements made in the delegation fee calculation of the wallet.

With this news, the Cardano platform users will be optimistic about improved service when the final phase of the test is concluded.