U.S. Department of Transportation supports using blockchain technology for drones

Written by: Ali Raza
May 4, 2020
  • The proposal is the first time blockchain technology has been recommended to solve drones problems.
  • Experts say unmanned flights will be safer if they were propelled using blockchain technology
  • Blockchain will have a massive impact on commercial goods delivery.

Recently, there has been an increased use of Blockchain for flight operations and drones. The technology is increasingly taking over the new and varied fields, and the U.S. Department of Transportation has offered its support for Blochain’s use for drones.

The transportation department recently supported the use of blockchain for manning drones and aircraft systems. With this proposal, this is possibly the first time a major movement establishment has proposed to use blockchain to solve technical issues in commercial drones.

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The gradual increase of commercial drones in civilian applications indicates the huge prospect of automation. Already, DLT or blockchain usage in the aviation industry has been widely documented.

An official statement by the transport department revealed that in 2017, there were over 1 million “Unmanned Aircraft System”. By 2024, the number could rise by 50%. This shows the relevance of unmanned aircraft and the need to get a proper technology.

Blockchain will impact commercial goods delivery

As the technology behind drones keeps improving, the adoption of blockchain for drones can change the way businesses deliver goods completely. In the future, DTL will have a major role to play in-flight data recorders. And with the utilization of blockchain technology, it will be easier to record important flight data records in real-time.

On the commercial front, the Department of Transportation reiterated that blockchain will improve delivery information such as authentication, time, and location.

Unnamed flights will be safer using blockchain for drones

Advanced unmanned aircraft systems or drones are utilized for quick delivery of organ transplants, commercial goods transportation, and for transporting medical supplies.

But as this technology expands, there are more worries about its misuse, compliance with aviation laws, security, and safety.

In several instances, the Department of Transportation has warned about the various risks and challenges in the UAS ecosystem if its growth is unregulated and unchecked.

The department pointed out that the unregulated increase in drones or unmanned flights can pose great damage to bystanders, overwork air traffic controllers, or threaten infrastructure. But notwithstanding the various security challenges, the unmanned flight industry will bring a lot of benefits as well.