VeChain’s new products increase adoption in Chinese Walmarts

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on May 21, 2020
  • Walmart is stepping up its efforts to list its products on the blockchain.
  • Thanks to the last year's partnership with VeChain, a number of products can now be traced by customers.
  • Walmart now plans to increase its efforts further and ensure their users of the quality of the offered product

The adoption of blockchain technology has been on a steady rise over the last few years. Numerous businesses have recognized the potential of blockchain, these days more than ever. The most recent example of this is a surge in the adoption of VeChain, specifically. The blockchain saw a major rise in adoption in Chinese Walmarts after introducing its new products.

Walmart users can trace the origin of eggs via blockchain

VeChain holds a major potential when it comes to its traceability solution. The need for transparency and data security has caused a lot of businesses to consider this particular project. Doing so can help fight against issues like counterfeit and theft, particularly when it comes to the supply chain industry.

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In fact, VeChain has become something of a leading project in this area. Especially as industries around the world recognized blockchain as an immutable means to solve the mentioned issues.

According to new information published on Twitter by a VeChain enthusiast, several of the project’s traceability features are now being used in China’s Walmarts.

Walmart China to step up its efforts to put food on blockchain

The post shows that an egg packet in one of the stores of a popular supermarket chain comes with VeChain’s traceability solution. Thanks to the VeChain tag, the user can view the entire story behind the eggs, and track the road they travelled, from the producer to the store’s shelf.

The Chinese branch of Walmart originally announced a partnership with VeChain about a year ago, in June 2019. The plan was to use VeChain’s tech to ensure and prove the authenticity of products that Walmart has for sale.

As many as 23 products were listed as attached to the popular project on the very same day the announcement was published. However, Walmart also revealed that it plans to step up the usage of this technology — evidence of which is already clear based on the new Twitter update.

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