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MultiHODL: Make profit from both bullish and bearish price swings

on May 31, 2020
Updated: Oct 13, 2022
  • There is no easy strategy for making profits on both bullish and bearish markets.
  • MultiHodl attempts to achieve this balance by using the barbell investment strategy.
  • This tool, turns you into an active HODLer while allowing you to make high profits.

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YouHodler has created a genius method of making profit and earning interest regardless of price swings. Learn more about them here in our YouHodler review.

Of all the terms used among crypto enthusiasts, HODL is perhaps the most popular. The word HODL is a slang word in the crypto world that refers to the act of holding on to a cryptocurrency and believing in its value despite its current price.

The term can also refer to the act of holding on to a cryptocurrency instead of spending or trading it with other cryptocurrencies.

While some crypto enthusiasts can make a profit simply by holding onto a coin and waiting for that coin’s value to appreciate over time, others make significant profits by trading coins in the market despite the high risk.

Can a balance be achieved?

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How to capitalize on market volatility

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The incentive to hold a coin instead of trade or spend is to avoid the risk of volatility.

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After all, instead of playing with your coin to predict the whims of the market (a process that requires tremendous practice, patience and a bit of luck), all you have to do is be patient and hope that in the long run, that coin’s value will be worth more.

On the other hand, traders who crave volatility are keen to pick out opportunities to capitalize on wild price swings in the short term.

While capitalizing on market volatility might be exciting and highly profitable in the short term, it comes with huge risks that most people would rather avoid. Also, while traditional markets are full of tools that help traders capitalize on volatility at lower risks, such tools in the crypto world are few and far between.

YouHodler however has come to the rescue with the MultiHODL.

What is MutiHODL?

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MultiHODL is a tool that can help you increase your crypto savings no matter the conditions of the market and you don’t have to wait for an uncertain future to grow your crypto savings.

The tool is built on the barbell investment strategy that is an investment concept proposing the idea of investing in two extremes of high risk and no risk assets to strike a balance between reward and risk.

Since all investment strategies (whether you are holding for the long term or day trading) come with risk and reward, barbell investors maintain that going for both extremes is the best way to gain a substantial profit.

How does it work?

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According to the barbell strategy the middle of the risk spectrum should be avoided and the attention should go to the two distinctly different types of assets on the extreme ends of the risk spectrum. With that in mind, MultiHODL ensures that 80% is invested in risk-free assets while 20% is invested in limited risk assets that have the potential for high profitability.

Therefore with MultiHODL, 80% to 90% of the funds will be kept in a crypto stable coin saving account that generates about 12% annual profit with no risk. The gains are yielded through a chain of crypto-backed loans.

Meanwhile, the remaining 20% is used for small speculative crypto bets with potential profits of about 290% and risks ranging at about 50%.

The crypto-backed loans are a series of cloned collateral that is generated using YouHodler’s Turbocharge feature to benefit the user in case the price of a coin grows exponentially in the future. Essentially, through the Turbocharge feature, the crypto-backed loans created with the MultiHODL tool make it possible for a user to proactively HODL a coin and make even greater profits.

Who is behind the tool?

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Based in Switzerland, YouHodler (the creators of MultiHODL) is a FinTech company that issues crypto-backed loans with stable coins such as USDT, PAX, TUSD, and USDC as well as fiat lending with USD and EUR. The company’s CEO Ilya Volkov is part of the team that boasts of strong experience and expertise in commercial finance and FX/CFD trading.

The transition to an active Hodler

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There is no denying that the current crypto market is best suited for holding crypto than spending or trading crypto. While day trading exposes a crypto trader to risks, holding requires patience that might not come to fruition in some cases. However, with the MultiHODL tool, YouHodler provides a perfect balance between safe guaranteed investment and risks. Now, crypto traders can be active HODLers with the help of turbocharged crypto-backed loads.


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