Second part of the Winklevoss twins’ story to hit the screens

Second part of the Winklevoss twins’ story to hit the screens
Written by:
Ali Raza
9th June, 12:46
  • Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss recently teamed up with Greg Silverman to make a new film.
  • The film is based on the book Bitcoin Billionaires — the second book about the twins by Ben Mezrich.
  • The film will show the twins' redemption after the Facebook incident, and their arrival to the crypto world.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the well-known twins who run one of the largest US crypto exchanges, Gemini, are planning to create a new film. For this purpose, the twins partnered up with the founder of Stampede Ventures, and a former President of Warner Bros. Pictures, Greg Silverman.

Together, the three plan to produce a feature film adaptation of Ben Mezrich’s 2019 book, Bitcoin Billionaires.

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A continuation of the story

The project is quite interesting, even more so since Silverman decided to reach out to Jonathan Berg, and hire him. Berg is Silverman’s old colleague from his Warner Bros. Pictures’ days, but now, he will act as President of Production. He is more than qualified, as he previously worked on ‘Aquaman,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Doctor Sleep,’ ‘Elf.’ ‘Justice League,’ and ‘Wonder Woman.’

The book, Bitcoin Billionaires, is not Mezrich’s first one. That honor goes to the book about the Winklevoss twins themselves, and it is known as ‘The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook.’

This book was published in 2009, and it was then used as inspiration for the 2010 film, ‘The Social Network.’ A decade later, and Mezrich published his second book about the twins, in which he talks about the happenings after the legal battle with Facebook. This is when they entered the crypto space, which turned the course of their lives yet again.

What is Bitcoin Billionaires about?

The book focuses on the Winklevoss twins due to the fact that they were the first known Bitcoin billionaires in the world, and they achieved this status on November 26th, 2017. Mezrich then tells their story, showing how the brothers entered the crypto industry and how they progressed to where they are now.

Silverman himself commented on his reasons for joining up, stating that he had known the twins for years. His son received an early edition of Bitcoin Billionaires from the twins after working as an intern at Winklevoss Capital.

Both Silverman and his son read the book within days, and agreed that it will become a one-of-a-kind movie someday. Now, Silverman has an opportunity to make that happen.

As for the twins, they said that Ben understood the promise of the crypto industry. More importantly, he was serious about telling its story to the world. He did an excellent job, and now it is time for someone else to take the next step, and turn it into a film.

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