Binance becomes the biggest miner of a coin it delisted last year

Binance becomes the biggest miner of a coin it delisted last year
Written by:
Ali Raza
17th June, 11:53
  • Binance recently became the world's leading BSV miner, mining 26% of the coin.
  • The choice of a cryptocurrency to mine comes as a surprise, since the exchange delisted BSV in 2019.
  • The move came because Craig Wright’s conflict with the crypto community kept escalating.

Binance, one of the world’s largest digital currency exchanges, recently started getting into mining. The exchange decided to expand its ecosystem further still by launching Binance Pool. Now, the new data is in, and it shows that the exchange became the leading miner of Bitcoin SV.

Binance is the leading BSV miner

Binance currently leads in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) mining sector by mining around 26% of all BSV that is mined. Next in line is Huobi, with 13.19%, ViaBTC (12.5%), SVPool (12.5%), TAAL (7.64%), and others.

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The exchange’s choice to mine Bitcoin SV comes as a bit of a surprise, considering that the exchange delisted this particular coin only a year ago. The exchange seemingly did not have a problem with the coin itself, but rather with its controversial creator and proponent, Dr. Craig Wright.

Regardless, when the exchange delisted BSV, it announced that it took several factors into consideration. One thing that is important to Binance is that the project needs to contribute to a healthy and sustainable cryptocurrency ecosystem. Another thing that it will look into is whether or not there is evidence of fraudulent or unethical conduct.

Why did Binance delist BSV?

The decision to delist BSV came due to Craig Wright’s actions. Wright is known in the crypto industry for his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto — Bitcoin’s mysterious creator.

However, Wright was never able to prove his claims, and so the crypto industry stopped taking such claims seriously a long time ago. These days, Wright is known as ‘Faketoshi.’ and he managed to provoke Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, into removing BSV from the exchange.

Wright’s claims of being Satoshi went as far as to him threatening to sue everyone who says otherwise, Zhao decided to put a stop to Wright’s feud with the crypto community by threatening to delist BSV unless Wright withdraws. Since he did not do so, Zhao decided to deliver on his promise, and BSV lost Binance’s support. Meanwhile, Wright got involved into a legal battle with the Kleiman estate, further continuing his own troubles.

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