BSN incorporates Chainlink Oracles into its network

BSN incorporates Chainlink Oracles into its network
  • This integration aims to offer BSN users increased security, reliability, and interconnectivity.
  • The IRITA interchain service hub will facilitate the integration of Chainlink into BSN.
  • SZN Pool, a professional PoS operator will be responsible for running this operation’s nodes.

China’s Blockchain Services Network is integrating Chainlink oracle functionality into its network. A press release unveiled this news on June 23, noting that this integration will let governments and enterprises add validated real-world data into their BSN applications.

According to the press release, the incorporation of Chainlink will provide BSN users with extra security, reliability, and interconnectivity. In so doing, it will help foster the growth and adoption of blockchain applications in China and around the globe.

Explaining why it chose Chainlink, BSN noted that it is the leading oracle network in the world. BSN added that Chainlink’s technology allows on-chain blockchain applications to integrate off-chain real-world data securely and reliably. Through using Chainlink oracles, BSN aims to create a gateway for its applications and smart contracts to gain access to data from outside the blockchain. This includes information such as weather, financial asset prices, IoT data, location data, and much more.

Integrating Chainlink through IRITA

This move will see Chainlink, IRITA, and SZN Pool contribute to the development of the BSN network. The IRITA interchain service hub will help facilitate the integration of Chainlink into BSN. As such, the IRITA service hub will enable BSN blockchains to receive external off-chain data via Chainlink oracles. On the other hand, SNZ Pool, a professional Proof of Stake (PoS) operator will run the nodes that support this operation.

Through this multi-party collaboration, developers that build on BSN will gain access to quality data through Chainlink. Consequently, their applications will become more useful and connected with the real world.

Per the publication, a working prototype that establishes the true value of Chainlink via the IRITA interchain service hub in BSN applications is already under development. Also, BSN and SZN Pool have allotted resources to underpin the creation of the node infrastructure, which will run the Chainlink and IRITA nodes.

Introducing next-level automation levels in blockchain technology

Commenting on this partnership, Yifan He, the CEO of Red Date Technology, BSN’s co-founder said,

“One of the main purposes of BSN is to provide interoperability to all DApps, regardless of whether they are for permissioned chains or public chains. On BSN, each Dapp should be able to call any other Dapps in a very convenient and low-cost way. This collaboration with Chainlink, IRITA, and SNZ Pool will help us achieve this goal and ensure that BSN users reach new levels of security, reliability, and interconnectivity.”

Declaring Chainlink’s support for BSN, its co-founder Sergey Nazarov said,

“We’re excited to help build out BSN’s global infrastructure project by providing secure and reliable oracle services. By connecting BSN applications to real-world data, smart contracts can bring new levels of automation and trust to global agreements.”

Do you think integrating Chainlink oracles into BSN will help increase the real-world use cases of blockchain technology? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jinia Shawdagor
Jinia Shawdagor is a fintech writer based in Sweden. She is passionate about cryptocurrency, blockchain and iGaming, and has been writing professionally since 2013. Jinia loves everything positive, travelling and feels joy from the little things in life.
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