NEM HUB: One month after the global launch

Written by: Ali Raza
July 25, 2020
  • NEM HUB recently launched globally, providing access to numerous new countries and users.
  • The biggest groups appear to be Japan and Russia, but over 46 countries now have access to it.
  • There is still work to be done, however, but developers are thankful to all who contributed thus far.

It has been over a month since NEM HUB saw its soft launch, which happened on June 12th. Recently, NEM developers decided to post an update, and thank the contributors to their efforts and ideas.

In a month following the launch, NEM saw a major surge when it comes to its social media impression count. According to the announcement, it has been 10xed. This is very important for the project, as each piece that gets added to the hub will further improve the NEM media and community.

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Not only that, but it will also help out when it comes to another event that is scheduled for the end of the year — the transition to Symbol.

Of course, the project ran into numerous challenges along the way, but the announcement states that they managed to overcome such issues through adaptation and modifications.

The most difficult part was to translate and localize the UI and terminology. This took the most time, but this too was successfully completed, and on schedule, at that.

The results of the expansion

The expansion took NEM HUB in a number of new foreign markets, with more expected to come. NEM is currently dedicating attention to some specific regions, including Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

These efforts will be complemented by an influencer and PR campaign that aims at supporting Symbol and the HUB. These measures are set, planned and will come into effect by the start of next week,” the announcement says.

The user count itself has surged quite a bit. By July 15th, NEM HUB opened the doors to 46 different countries, 869 new users, and 410 weekly active users.

The biggest groups come from a handful of countries, such as Japan as number one, followed by countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia, and alike. NEM went into greater detail as part of their announcement, concluding that the ranking board is led by Japanese and Russian users.

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