Bitcoin’s next bull run will be like nothing seen before: Cameron Winklevoss

on Jul 30, 2020
  • Cameron Winklevoss recently revealed his expectations for the next BTC bull run.
  • He said that the infrastructure of the industry is better, and that there is more capital than ever.
  • With the top projects mostly having great use cases, he expects that bull run will be different from other.

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Bitcoin (BTC) saw a significant price increase several times this year. The coin managed to recover from a massive price crash seen in mid-March in record time, which is an indicator of the strength and an overall bullishness of the market.

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However, according to many, the coin’s real bull run has yet to come, and Cameron Winklevoss, the founder of Gemini exchange, believes that it will be a lot more different than anything seen before.

Cameron Winklevoss believes that Bitcoin’s next bull run will be different because the situation in the crypto industry is different. For example, there is a lot more capital currently, as well as better infrastructure.

Not to mention that many of the weak projects have sunk into the depths of the crypto industry, leaving better ones closer to the surface.

Three reasons why the next bull run will be different

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As far as greater capital flows are concerned, there is evidence of that in the market cap of the stablecoin Tether, which exceeds $10 billion at the moment. Meanwhile, Grayscale asset manager reported a new high when it comes to assets left in their care.

Infrastructure improvements are quite clear as well, particularly when it comes to regulatory clarity regarding crypto for exchanges and banks alike. Banks can now offer crypto custodial solutions, and JPMorgan even teamed up with Coinbase and Gemini to process payments.

Lastly, there is a great number of strong crypto projects, where startups are once again finding relevant use cases. Those with no plan or with fraudulent intentions have mostly been eliminated. They are still present, of course, but in a much smaller number than before.

In the end, the behavior of the next bull run has yet to be seen, although Winklevoss’ arguments do make a lot of sense. The crypto industry is changing and maturing, which is excellent progress that gives hope for the future of the industry.

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