William Shatner holds a blockchain sale of personal memorabilia

on Aug 1, 2020
  • Famous actor and a long-time blockchain supporter, William Shatner, recently held a memorabilia sale.
  • The sale took place on the WAX blockchain, offering 10,000 packs with iconic photos from his life.
  • The photos, in digital form, were sold out in only 9 minutes, and are now free to sell, trade, or display.

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Celebrities supporting blockchain are far from being a new thing in the crypto/blockchain industry. However, while most of them only publicly supported crypto or tried to hold an ICO, actor William Shatner attempted a different approach.

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William Shatner’s memorabilia sale

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The well-known actor decided to offer his personal memorabilia in digital form, and to do so, he used the WAX blockchain. Unsurprisingly, the move was quite a success, although it is likely that nobody expected to be as successful as it turned out.

According to reports, the demand for the sale was massive, and around 10,000 packs containing 125,000 digital photos were sold in no more than nine minutes.

Photographs from the actor’s personal life and career are already spread throughout the world after being purchased by collectors and fans. People are buying, selling, and trading the photos of the beloved actor who spent well over half a century building his career.

As mentioned, the photos showcase different events and stages in Shatner’s life, including his reaction when he learned of his daughter’s birth, as well as his hug with Leonard Nimoy. One photo even contains a dental x-ray photo, which may very well be a first healthcare-related photo on the blockchain ever.

Details about the sale

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The actor organized two types of packs for his fans and collectors, including:

  • 3,000 Mega Packs, each of which contained 30 digital collectibles
  • 7,000 Standard Packs, where each had 5 collectibles

Mega Packs were completely sold out within the first three minutes, while standard packs took six minutes longer, totaling in 9 minutes for all the collectibles Shatner had to offer.

His Digital Trading Cards were the third NFT sale on WAX blockchain in the last three months, and just like this one, the previous ones were finished extremely quickly, as well.

Owners of the digital trading cards can now trade them for free, sell them on a marketplace, or simply keep them or display them on social media. Meanwhile, each piece is a certified authentic, unique, and immutable.

There are already speculations that some of the cards can be used to create even rarer collectibles, but that is left for the collectors to decide.

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