Chainlink (LINK) introduces developer support program

Chainlink (LINK) introduces developer support program
Written by:
Ben Gabriel
3rd August, 02:48
Updated: 3rd August, 08:23
  • Chainlink is rapidly growing and the teams building on it need the grant program.
  • The latest program of Chainlink will accelerate the growth on the network.
  • Oracle network will be deploying the security on the latest grant program.

The Chainlink (LINK/USD) team recently introduced a community grant program that is set to stimulate the development on the Chainlink network.

Notably community grant program aims to bolster the Chainlink network in two positive ways. One is about loading the data on-chain and the second tends to increase the security which delivers the data. 

Therefore, the amalgamation of these two positive loops will result in increasing the oracle validation data that can be implemented securely to acquire globally connected smart contracts in other industries.

The team post the launch claims that Chainlink is rapidly growing and the teams building on it need mandatory support. 

The Chainlink team said:

“It is Chainlink’s goal to accelerate the adoption of smart contracts to the point where they are the dominant form of digital agreement for all contracts everywhere. This is a goal that we can only achieve together with our amazing community, their amazing ideas, the diligent development of those ideas into reality, and a community-wide commitment to creating an economically fair world powered by universally connected smart contracts.”

Accelerating the smart contracts

To accelerate the number of smart contracts, it is important to boost the oracle validated data that is available on-chain. Some factors can speed up the number of smart contracts. Access to the in-depth and unique quality of data feeds and APIs is one key factor among those. 

The second key factor is allowing globally connected smart contracts that can result in growing revenue as well as increasing the amount of paying users. The visibility and accessibility of more data generate more smart contracts by boosting the cycle.

Applying for Chainlink grant program

Applicants can register to the Chainlink grant program via the type form available on the official website. While applying to take part in the grant program, applicants concerned about their privacy do not need to worry. Because the latest program utilizes the oracle security network.


Chainlink ranks at the 11th position by the market capitalisation. And it is already playing an integral part in the DeFi industry using the smart contracts. Chainlink has potential projects in the loop and it is pushing developers to make use of smart contracts and apply them in different industries.

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