CoinMarketCap rolls out Earn, a service that rewards interaction

on Aug 13, 2020
  • CoinMarketCap just announced the launch of CMC Earn, its brand new crypto program.
  • The program revolves around helping users learn more about cryptocurrencies and providing incentive.
  • There will be many campaigns, with the first one being Band Protocol (BAND).

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Making the crypto industry attractive is the best way of bringing new users, but making them understand the industry is what will inspire them to stay. This is why CoinMarketCap has decided to incentivize users who are willing to watch educational videos about digital coins, complete quizzes, and interact in other ways.

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To achieve this, it launched its new program, Earn, which provides users with rewards simply for performing the mentioned actions.

What is Earn all about?

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The Program is called CoinMarketCap Earn, and it will allow users to earn small, pre-determined rewards in cryptocurrency for learning about certain digital assets.

The crypto data site announced this recently, stating that the Earn initiative will offer several campaigns over an eight-day period. Once the user picks a campaign, they will have to watch a few short videos about specific crypto projects.

These videos will contain information that will appear in the following quizzes, which is why users are advised to watch the videos all the way through. However, before the quiz actually starts, the user will first have to connect their CMC account with an appropriate token address.

Band Protocol will be the first campaign on Earn

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The first project that will go live on Earn will be Band Protocol (BAND), which is a cross-chain data oracle. The project held an IEO on Binance’s Binance Launchpad last year, and it raised funds extremely quickly.

Its close ties to Binance might be one of the reasons why CoinMarketCap chose it. After all, CMC itself was acquired by Binance earlier this year, in April.

BAND has also been one of the best performers in recent weeks, surging by over 1,760% in the past month. This allowed it to climb from $0.95 on July 4th to $17.70 on August 10th. The coin then dropped slightly to its current price of $13.5.

While BAND is currently the only available campaign, others are sure to follow quite soon. With that in mind, anyone interested in participating in CMC Earn should keep a close eye on the CMC site and follow new developments.

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