PayBito listed SESSIA’s cashback token KICKS into its platform

Written by: Ali Raza
September 15, 2020
  • PayBito intends to offer more diversified trading options for users by adding KICKS to its trading platform.
  • KICKS token follows a unique process, as it takes a non-conventional approach to eCommerce and social media.
  • PayBito also offers some of the best prices and lowest fees among crypto exchanges in the world.

A cashback token for loyalty programs KICKS has been listed by top global cryptocurrency exchange PayBito. PayBito will be giving users diversified trading options with the addition of KICKS to its trading platform, according to the announcement.

KICKS is a crypto exchange designed to streamline business organizations’ loyalty programs using the SESSIA’s ecosystem. The SESSIA system is based on blockchain technology and works as a social networking protocol that connects consumers and businesses with no intermediaries.

The unique approach of linking businesses and consumers

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It doesn’t work like the traditional business setup where an intermediary is linking the businesses with consumers of their products or services.

As PayBito is listing KICKS on its platform, it will be available for users to facilitate transactions within the SESSIA ecosystem. Managing director of PayBito Raj Chowdhury, while commenting on the development, said PayBito is offering diversity for traders to choose a wide range of tokens.

 “PayBito aims to offer a diverse range of tokens to the traders,” he said.

Raj also revealed that the company is expanding its portfolio with a unique asset that will be beneficial to all the company’s users.

KICKS takes a non-conventional approach to eCommerce

The main idea behind the token KICKS and its platform SESSIA is an intriguing one, according to Raj. Its approach is a unique one different from other similar platforms as it takes a non-conventional approach to eCommerce and social media.

Raj said the potential of the process is a huge one, considering the present market scenario where firms want ways of minimizing their costs when reaching out to consumers.

He revealed that the company thinks KICKs will be of immense benefit to traders, and they are certain the response from consumers will be a positive one.

PayBito offers one of the lowest fees in the industry

PayBito is popular for the wide coverage of crypto assets. Now the interest of the company is to provide more options for traders to be able to diversify their investments and take lesser risks. This approach has made the exchange widely known for its support on portfolio diversification with a wide range of products on offer.

Apart from their diversified products, PayBito offers some of the best crypto prices with the lowest trading fees. Its advanced security protocols, multi-signature wallets, instant fiat deposits, and multi-currency support have made it one of the best crypto exchanges in the world. As a blockchain-based application, SESSIA enables the integration of a social media networking that uses a secured eCommerce ecosystem, connecting businesses to their target consumers.