OneCoin scheme to get a movie with “Kate Winslet” as its lead

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Oct 12, 2020
  • OneCoin crypto scheme is getting its own movie, according to recent reports.
  • The project already has an unpublished book about it, and a TV show that is in development.
  • It will revolve around the scheme which tricked numerous investors, with Kate Winslet starring in it.

The cryptocurrency industry has been filled with scams in which bad actors attempted to trick people into giving away their money. However, a few scams have been as big or as noteworthy as OneCoin. In fact, this one has gained so much attention that it will seemingly get its own movie, with a Titanic lead star, Kate Winslet.

Crypto scam gets a movie

OneCoin has been a complex and difficult mess to untangle, and even now, in 2020, the scheme is still making its way through the courts. However, it already has its own unpublished book by Jen McAdam, who was one of the scheme’s victims, and Douglas Thompson.

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Now, it is also going to get its own movie, supposedly called “Fake!,” which will be based on the book.

The movie itself will be written and directed by Scott Z. Burns, who is also known for a political drama called The Report. Some may know that this is a film based on the CIA’s report regarding post-9/11 torture. Another film that he wrote is known as Contagion, which is a 2011 pandemic, which starred Kate Winslet.

As mentioned, Winslet is also going to star in Fake!. However, this will not be the first time that the OneCoin scheme is being brought to the screens. The BBC is also producing an entire show about the project.

Details about OneCoin

OneCoin, as some may know, was a crypto project that was founded six years ago, in 2014. It was started by Ruja Ignatova, and its country of origin is Bulgaria.

The project followed a structure that is rather typical for multilevel marketing schemes, with the only major difference being the fact that it included a cryptocurrency. It claimed that OneCoin will be the next big hit, promising massive returns, while the rising price figures were later discovered to have been random entries by employees.

The authorities kept issuing warnings against it which were ignored by the community. Eventually, many of its fans ended up victims of the scam, including McAdam, who invested over 250,000 EUR with her friends and family. After the project was revealed as a fraud, she starter a support group for OneCoin victims.

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