Influencer Zuby designs VeChain-backed collection of streetwear

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Nov 16, 2020
  • UK rapper Zuby recently designed a blockchain-themed line of clothing.
  • The limited-edition streetwear is also linked to VeChain's blockchain in order to prove authenticity.
  • Anyone who buys a piece of clothing will be able to confirm its authenticity with a single app scan.

British rapper and entrepreneur, Zuby, recently designed and launched a limited edition streetwear line by using the blockchain system of Proof-of-Authenticity. Every piece of clothing is linked to the VeChain (VET) blockchain, thus proving its authenticity.

A new blockchain-backed line of streetwear emerges

The use of blockchain technology for proving ownership and authenticity of physical and digital goods is nothing new. It has existed in theory and practice for several years, now. However, the fact that popular individuals, such as Zuby, are using it for launching their merchandise is encouraging to the crypto industry.

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The collection, containing 300 items, was actually launched by the online retail store, Bitcoin Movement. From what is known, Zuby designed 50 hoodies, 125 T-Shirts, and 125 Hats, with every piece bearing the logo ’21 million.’ The number is significant and well-known in the crypto industry, as it represents Bitcoin’s total supply — the maximum number of BTC coins that can ever be created.

The collection was titled ‘Take the Power Back,’ hinting at the mission of the cryptocurrency industry, which is to return the ownership of the money, and therefore power, back to the people. As it is right now, the power lies with the banks and financial institutions which are demand to control it, and more than that, demand to be paid for doing so.

Proving authenticity with VeChain (VET) blockchain

Thanks to the fact that each item of clothing from the collection is tied to VeChain, users can easily prove or disprove the authenticity of any item by simply scanning a sticker attached to the garment with a mobile app.

The application will then immediately retrieve information about the product from VeChain’s blockchain.

Authentic items will retrieve the message ‘100% Genuine Verified,’ alongside the garment’s version number and a unique transaction ID.

While this collection is only one example of limited release fashion relying on blockchain technology out of many, it proves that the interest in blockchain is alive. More than that, it shows that blockchain technology can, indeed, help designers create legitimate goods for their communities, and ensure that the community members will know that they are receiving a real item, instead of a fake.

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