Crypto exchange LATOKEN just added support for AVEX Token

Written by: Ali Raza
November 25, 2020
  • Cryptocurrency exchange LATOKEN recently announced support for AEVOLVE's AVEX Token.
  • The project combines healthcare and entertainment, using the token to generate revenue during popular events.
  • The project also connects patients, doctors, and researchers, making new medical procedures available.

Major cryptocurrency exchange, LATOKEN, recently listed AEVOLVE’s cryptocurrency AVEX Token (AVEX). The move will allow millions of LATOKEN users to be among the first who will access medical solutions from anywhere in the world.

The project’s use cases in medical industry

Like most other industries, the healthcare industry has also run into obstacles when it comes to providing medical services, sharing information, and alike. Fortunately, AVEX Token can help change that.

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The token allows members of the crypto community greater exposure into the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. It serves as a medium of exchange on a multi-purpose platform.

Its goal is to bring medical professionals, patients, and even research organizations together. Some immediate benefits will be the abilities of patients and their loved ones to quickly and easily learn about new medical innovations that could help their treatments and improve their quality of life.

More than that, patients will also be able to secure reservations for new treatments and cures that the healthcare industry is discovering all the time. As soon as they become available, patients will be able to use the token to obtain a reservation for themselves.

And, of course, with these reservations being digital assets on blockchain technology, they can also be transferred and sold with ease.

AVEX Token’s use in entertainment

AEVOLVE has made a number of steps in order to spread awareness of these medical initiatives. At the same time, it is also using AVEX Token to generate revenues when consumers use it to pay with it to gain access to their favorite events.

This is due to the fact that AEVOLVE’s AVEX Token connects the healthcare industry with entertainment, thus generating revenue whenever it is used.

AEVOLVE have also partnered up EntroBox to raise money through major fundraising events, including an upcoming Mega Boxing event at which Logan Paul will be fighting. Logan Paul is one of the leading social influencers on YouTube, with over 50 million followers. Paul will participate in the event in early 2021, which will be available via a pay-per-view platform using AVEX Token.