Frankfurt Airport uses IOTA (MIOTA) to track coronavirus tests

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Jan 12, 2021
  • Recent rumors claiming that the Frankfurt Airport uses blockchain for COVID-19 test results were confirmed.
  • The airport's tech provider, Ubirch, stated that they use a number of blockchains, including IOTA.
  • The need for safe storing and managing SARS-CoV-2 test results was perfectly satisfied by this technology.

Last year, when coronavirus started spreading across the world, there was a great need for privacy-friendly ways to keep track of the pandemic’s progression.

The so-called biosurveillance was achieved through the use of numerous means, including emerging technologies, such as blockchain. As it turns out, Frankfurt Airport had this exact idea, as it started using IOTA’s blockchain to keep track of passengers’ COVID-19 tests.

The use of blockchain for tracking COVID-19 tests in practice

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It has been nearly a year since COVID-19 went global, and by now, most people have learned to adapt to the protective measures, such as social distancing, wearing masks and similar protective gear, and alike.

But, in the early days of the global pandemic, it was imperative to keep track of the virus and map its spreading, and many turned to new, emerging technologies for help.

Blockchain was deemed perfect for such purposes, as it could protect public health data while still ensuring that the data reaches the proper institutions.

Now, a Twitter user revealed that Frankfurt Airport’s COVID-19 testing center seemingly started using IOTA (MIOTA) blockchain tech in order to store and manage the health info of their passengers. The tech provider Ubirch even decided to come out publicly and confirm this information.

The solution is in compliance with European data protection rules

Cologne-based blockchain-based cybersecurity tech provider, Ubirch, confirmed developing the solution for storing COVID-19 information for the airport. The company calls it the Digital Corona Test Certificate, noting that it supports verification of passengers’ coronavirus test status.

Meanwhile, it remains perfectly compliant with European standards for data protection. The company notes that an individual can now easily verify their SARS-CoV-2 status at the Airport entrance, departure gate, or any other point in between.

Among others, we use IOTA for making the Corona test results verifiable,” the company said, adding that they have been working with IOTA for some time now. However, they admitted to putting “trust anchors in multiple blockchains.

It is also worth saying that this is only one solution developed on the blockchain, and that health passport-like solutions have emerged on numerous projects and by numerous firms in the last nine months. Still, some remain concerned about the security aspect of sensitive data belonging to so many people.

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