Political activist Kim Dotcom just joined the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community

on Jan 12, 2021
  • Kim Dotcom, a dotcom millionaire and founder of MegaUpload, just became a BCH community member.
  • A controversial political activist said he was tired of the infighting of the "toxic" BTC community.
  • He now plans to use his marketing skills and influence to make BCH the main coin for payments.

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A controversial political activist, Kim Dotcom, best known for being the founder of a now-defunct file hosting service MegaUpload, recently announced that he has joined the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community.

MegaUpload founder switches sides to support BCH instead of BTC

Kim Dotcom made the announcement in a tweet on January 10th, about a year after he originally pledged his support to BCH. Previously a BTC supporter, he said that the Bitcoin’s community is toxic and full of infighting, which caused him to abandon it.

In his tweet, he says that he is officially joining the effort to make BCH the leading electronic cash solution. He further promised to help accelerate the coin’s use in the real world and with online vendors, as well as to help increase the coin’s user base.

He also gave his views on why BCH is better than BTC, noting that it has lower fees, fast transactions, it is secure, and it is very easy to use. He concluded by noting that BCH ticked all the boxes when he conducted his research in search of the coin to support, adding that BCH was already implemented with over 100,000 vendors, with the number surging rapidly.

Dotcom millionaire still has a purpose for Bitcoin

As some may know, Kim is a German-Finnish entrepreneur who first started gaining fame almost 20 years ago, in the early 2000s. Back then, he became a so-called “dotcom millionaire.” He lived a lavish life until he was convicted of fraud in the US in 2012.

After that, he moved to New Zealand, where he started working as a political activist. He also learned of cryptocurrencies in the meantime, quickly becoming a major advocate.

Now, he aims to utilize his popularity, network, and  “genius marketing” to make Bitcoin Cash the star of the crypto industry.

But, even after everything, he is still not completely against Bitcoin. He still thinks that the coin has a future as a store of value, and that it functions much better as such. However, he continues to claim that BCH is simply a better choice for making online payments. While many agree with the first claim, the second one is being brought into question.


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