Ontology-powered Welcome Home App passed initial review stages

on Jan 19, 2021
  • The application will let users customise comfort levels in Daimler Mobility rental vehicles.
  • Per Ontology, the Welcome Home App seeks to offer a personalised and safe experience.
  • The application blends Ontology’s technical superiority with Daimler’s premium experience.

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Welcome Home, an Ontology-powered application, has successfully gone through Daimler Mobility’s initial review stages. The Ontology team unveiled this news via a blog post on January 15, noting that the application blends Ontology’s technical superiority with the premium experience of Daimler Mobility vehicles. As a result, users will get a trust-worthy, personalized, and secure experience, making them comfortable and at ease on the road as they would be at home.

In the blog post, Ontology shared six videos highlighting six steps that potential customers would need to complete to have a seamless experience while using the application. The first one is user onboarding and data access where users will need to upload and verify their KYC information. Per Ontology, completing this step marks an unprecedented move in the direction as it will let users bring their automotive experience closer to Ontology services. The next step is setting up a profile to get various comfort levels. Here, users will gain access to the Welcome Home in-car system, allowing them to control specific features.

Next comes pairing the customized profile to a rental automobile of choice. Commenting on this fascinating feature, Harry Behrens, Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory head, said,

Customers using the Welcome Home which integrates with the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform would be greeted to their customized user settings and profile by any Mercedes they pair the app with. Fully sovereign in control of their data they can choose to share this experience with their friends and be safe at home with Mercedes — anywhere they go

Enhancing data security while using rental cars

The fourth step involves ending the rental service by disconnecting a profile from the vehicle. According to Ontology, this process is easy and safe because the Welcome Home app is user-centric. As such, users will be able to fully control when, where, or with whom they share data. Ontology added that its Decentralized Identity protocol (DeID) and its Distributed Data Exchange Framework (DDXF) would help users maintain full control over their data.

Steps five and six allow users to share the experience of their trips with friends and family on social platforms with a few clicks. In so doing, they will let the Welcome Home app merge their mobility with social networking. To ensure data sovereignty and privacy, Ontology blends its framework for DID with highly secure data access.


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