Best weed stocks to buy? Top 5 marijuana stocks to watch

By: Charlie Hancox
Charlie Hancox
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on Feb 11, 2021
  • Weed stocks are the latest investment craze
  • Investors now want to know where to buy weed stocks
  • What are the best weed stocks to buy in 2021?

2021 has been a dramatic year for investors so far. After several weeks of WallStreetBets mania, which was followed by a surge of investors buying Bitcoin, the latest investment trend has revealed itself: weed stocks. Marijuana, or cannabis, is the new pot – sorry – hot topic.

Shares in marijuana companies have skyrocketed this week and an increasing number of investors now want to buy weed stocks. With this in mind, this article explains how to buy weed stocks, where to buy weed stocks, and what the 5 top weed stocks to watch in 2021 are.

How to buy weed stocks today

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Investing in marijuana stocks used to be a complicated process, but thanks to increasing levels of legalisation and the rise of online brokers, buying weed stocks is now as simple as buying any other kind of stock.

If you want to invest in weed stocks, the most convenient way is to use an online broker. When choosing where to buy weed stocks, it is advisable that your broker platform has a good reputation and a user-friendly interface. To save you some time, the three best brokers to buy cannabis stocks are listed below.

1. eToro

When choosing where to invest in marijuana stocks, platforms that offer a wider variety of weed stocks have a distinct advantage. One of Europe’s most popular brokers, eToro, allows you to buy most of the top weed stocks. It’s a great choice for weed stock investors.

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FXTB is an online platform for CFD trading. Numerous assets are supported, including some of the top medicinal marijuana stocks. The platform’s interface is clean and has powerful tools.

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3.) Trading 212

Trading 212 is an increasingly popular online broker platform that features some of the top marijuana stocks. If you want to buy shares in a weed company, Trading 212’s user-friendly interface is an encouraging option.

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If none of these are to your liking, check out our reviews of the top brokers. If you want to learn more about how to buy shares before investing in cannabis stocks, head over to our guide to buying shares.

Now you know where to buy weed stocks, let’s explore 5 weed stocks to watch in 2021.

Weed stocks to watch

1.) Sundial Growers

Sundial Growers (SNDL) skyrocketed in value several weeks ago, though some put this down to a stock pump related to Reddit similar to WallStreetBets’ strategy of short squeezing particular stocks. However, Sundial Growers’ share price has continued to rise and has now risen from $0.56 in mid-January to $3.31 today. This kind of growth can’t be ignored.

SNDL is a Canadian-based cannabis company that was formed in 2006 and is listed on the NASDAQ. The company produces, distributes, and sells cannabis products for an adult demographic. Choose one of the recommended brokers on our list to buy shares in SNDL today.

2.) Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.

Neptune Wellness Solutions (NEPT) is a marijuana stock that has attracted a lot of attention recently, rising from $2.28 at the end of January to $3.62 today. With revenue growth of 340.5%, it’s not hard to see why.

NEPT, based in Canada, is regarded as a diversified health and wellness company that specialises in cannabis, nutrition products, and pet supplements. The company is fully integrated: it operates its own production facility, extraction facility, processing facility, and laboratory. Investors are buying into the fundamental value of Neptune because it is a company with the means to make its own destiny. Buy Neptune Wellness stock by signing up to one of the brokers on our above list.

3.) Village Farms International Inc.

Village Farms International Inc. (VFF) has been growing rapidly for the last 12 months, doubling in value this year alone. With a market cap of $1.5 billion, it is now establishing itself as a meaningful mid-tier cannabis player.

Another Canadian-based producer, Village Farms is also involved in the agricultural production of various vegetables. With over 9 million square feet of greenhouses in Canada and the United States, and additional partner greenhouses, VFF has the scale that both investors and potential strategic partners are looking for.

The business model also contains no single-commodity risk, and this diversification appears to be key to the company’s value proposition. Even if the week market turns against them, Village Farms International has its finger in other pies. Buy VFF stock today by using one of the platforms on our above list.

4.) Trulieve Cannabis

Trulieve Cannabis (TRUL) has been an admirable investment for the last year, nearly quintupling in value in 2021. Having reported revenue of $136.3 million in September 2020, a 93% year-over-year increase, investors have become increasingly interested in TRUL.

TRUL is a vertically-integrated “seed-to-sale” cannabis company that has a distinct advantage over other players. Trulieve is the leading Floridian cannabis company and holds 51% of the market. By focussing its attention on Florida, the rewards appear to have been dramatic. The company now owns 75 dispensaries, 70 of which are located in Florida. If you want to buy shares in Trulieve, open an account with one of the brokers in the above list and buy TRUL shares now.

5.) Jushi Holdings Inc. (JUSH.CX)

Jushi Holdings Inc. (JUSH) has increased in value sixfold in the last twelve months, and this is for one reason in particular: revenue growth. JUSHI is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to revenue growth, achieving a figure of 600%. It is little surprise to see increased interest in JUSHI.

Headquartered in Florida, JUSHI is a holding company that is focussing on building a portfolio of branded cannabis and hemp-based assets. It now has a variety of brands, and sales have demontrated their success. Having fully acquired Dalitso LLC in December 2020, JUSHI will now aim to expand its operations into Virginia. If you want to invest in Jushi Holdings, open an account with one of our recommended brokers above and buy JUSHI shares.

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