Brave plans to integrate DEX aggregator and NTF wallet in next browser

Written by: Ali Raza
February 24, 2021
  • Brave wants to use layer one and two scaling solutions to mitigate the high cost of the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Brave will be enhancing the uses of BAT within the decentralized web for a better user experience.
  • The crypto-friendly web browser reported last month that there are 25 million users of the Brave web browser.

Brave has announced its plans to launch a new wallet that will integrate DEX aggregator with non-fungible token (NFT) support.

Crypto-friendly web browser has been making arrangements to explore scaling solutions with the DeFi functionality to make its network more scalable.

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According to the announcement, it will also enable mobile functionality to improve its support for API.

More access for users

The service will be enabling its majority of users in the platform to have access to the best possible price from different trading tools through a single dashboard. With the DeFi platform, there will be no need for intermediaries or third parties when taking a position in the market.

The benefit of this launch is the discount Brave will derive from the use of the BAT token to pay transactions on the DEX.

It will also ensure that users have access to a better user-interface and lower fees when it’s integrated into Brave.

Chief executive officer of Brave Brendan Eich disclosed that the plan will benefit users immensely.

Brave wants to improve network scalability

Also, Brave has concluded plans to launch a new Brave wallet to replace other digital currency wallets on the Brave platform. Brave also wants to launch the support for the use of integrated non-fungible tokens, although this will come in the future.

This announcement is coming just weeks after the web browser revealed it has surpassed 25 million active monthly users. Last month, Brave confirmed that publishers on its platform have received about 26 million BAT from Brave. More users are now want to purchase BAT tokens, as they are anticipating an upward movement in its price, based on fundamentals.

Brave wants to offer support to multiple chains, with plans to consider both the layer one and layer two scaling solutions. The plan is to mitigate the current astronomical fees experienced using the Ethereum (ETH) platform.