Stellar (XLM) launches horizon 2.0 with accruing benefits to developers

Written by: Ali Raza
March 3, 2021
  • Horizon 2.0 also offers a new architecture that introduces “Captive Core.”, the enhanced Stellar Core version.
  • With the release of Horizon 2.0, developers now have two configuration options to choose from.
  • The new update brings more benefits, including the faster rebuilding of the Horizon client database.

The Stellar blockchain has released its Horizon 2.0 platform, which will benefit enterprises, organizations, and developers. “Big news… we’ve just released Horizon 2.0,” Stellar announced on its Twitter handle. According to Stellar, V2.0 comes with “massive architectural and performance benefits.”

The company says the improvements can be utilized to run Stellar (XLM) requiring far lesser resources than the previous versions.

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The update also offers a new architecture that introduces the enhanced Stellar Core version known as “Captive Core.”

And with the optimization of the Captive Stellar Core, transactions in memory will now be possible. It enables a faster rebuilt of the Horizon client database.

Stellar has called the V2.0 development a “paradigm shift” for the Stellar network. Users now have more freedom to select the configuration that suits them better. It will also enable them to run a validator or to run Horizon for clear access to the blockchain.

Update coming after several years

The release has been in the plan of the company for years. Users will enjoy the platform with far more flexibility, under looser constraints, and with fewer resources than ever before.

In the past, the deployment of Horizon requires the Stellar Core, which is more difficult to configure and needs a lot of disk space. But Horizon 2.0 is designed to solve these issues.

Developers can now have a less technical and more professional version, based on their development needs.

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Two configuration options for developers

Stellar has also released a statement regarding the selection of a configuration of Stellar Horizon.

For the first option, Horizon must have all the historical data of the Stellar blockchain to register new clients or send transactions. However, the second option enables the developer to become a network validator. They can vote for decisions, participate in consensus, and improve the network as a validator.