40 Best forex traders to follow on Twitter in 2021

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on Apr 28, 2021
Updated: Jun 30, 2021
  • The best forex traders and personalities for you to follow on Twitter
  • Learn from the experts, whether you’re a brand new beginner or already an experienced trader
  • Ranked by the quality of their advice and how often they engage with their followers

Welcome to the Invezz top 40 Forex Traders of 2021, put together by us to help you become a better currency trader.

Forex trading is the most active market in the world, turning over trillions of dollars every day. We thought it was time to put together a list of the top traders who can help you dive into that market.

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All these traders, personalities, and websites decode the complexities of foreign exchange, to give you the very best tips and practical advice. All of them have active Twitter accounts, while many of their websites are full of helpful resources too.

We’ve ranked these accounts based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Number of followers
  • Frequency of helpful engagement with their users
  • Reply rates to questions and queries
  • The quality of their advice and track record

Even after considering all those factors, it was tough to settle on a ranking, and all of these accounts are well worth a follow. Each one has something unique to offer that will help you improve your forex trading, so read on to find out the best forex Twitter accounts along with a summary of what makes them special.

Top 40 forex Twitter accounts to follow

1. @DailyFX

Best for: Daily forex news and analysis

About them: DailyFX is one of the top sites for forex news and analysis thanks to its army of currency traders, analysts, and strategists. They work together to offer insight into the latest market moves, address factors that might be affecting each currency pair, and perform technical analysis on promising price formations.

Website: https://www.dailyfx.com/ 

2. @50Pips

Best for: ‘Chart of the day’

About him: Focused on technical analysis, 50Pips posts a price chart every day along with regular ideas and pointers for what to look out for in the markets. His website has plenty of free material – right up to regular voice note updates on the morning outlook – along with an extensive premium content section.

Website: https://50pipsfx.com/

3. @faithmight

Best for: Learning how to read charts

About her: Lydia Idem (@faithmight) is a multi-faceted investor who deals with emerging markets and portfolio building as well as currency trading. Her Twitter is full of great advice and insights on African and Latin American markets, and on her website there are courses on the basics of technical analysis and trading forex.

Co founder of https://www.fmcapitalgrp.com/ 

4. @waltervannelli

Best for: Posting all his forex trades and analysis on social media for free

About him: Walter Vannelli is all about Twitter. He has more than 35 years of experience on both sides of the aisle, as a forex dealer first and then as a trader, and now uses that to help everyone else. What makes him unique is that he doesn’t have a website and he isn’t going to get you to sign up for a course, instead he posts all his advice, price charts, and trading tips straight to Twitter.

5. @JamieSaettele

Best for: Weekly technical analysis videos known as ‘the power hour’

About him: Jamie Saettele has been a mainstream technical strategist since 2006 and his knowledge of the market is up there with the very best. His predictions have ranked first in forecasting 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month cycles, and outperformed many major financial institutions. The SB website he co-founded offers daily updates and strategy webinars for serious forex traders.

Co founder of https://sbtradedesk.com/

6. @PipCzar

Best for: The ‘week ahead in forex’ webinars

About him: Blake Morrow goes by @PipCzar on Twitter and his forexanalytix website delivers top-quality market analysis from traders with decades of experience behind them. He helps beginner traders get to grips with all the different types of technical analysis, while those with more experience can tune in for alternative perspectives, promising trends, and great chart patterns every single day.

Co-founder of https://www.forexanalytix.com/

7. @Fxflow

Best for: A free webinar series on the MetaTrader4 platform

About him: Boris Schlossberg has been trading for more than 20 years and is a regular contributor to the likes of CNBC and Reuters. The BKForex website offers free forex trading tips, as well as trading signals and courses to teach you how best to play the currency markets.

Co founder of https://www.bkforex.com/

8. @RagheeHorner

Best for: The Countdown Trader newsletter full of actionable trading advice

About her: Raghee Horner has become a successful trader in part by creating her own set of trading tools. Her Twitter feed is a guide to using them, along with indicators and strategies on how to make money trading yourself. You can learn from her just by picking up the nuggets of knowledge posted on social media, or by following day trading live streams  and free webinars on her website.

Website: https://www.countdowntrader.com/

9. @marcwalton

Best for: Finding your own forex trading mentor

About him: Marc Walton is a former professional who learned how to trade the hard way. After lots of failed dalliances with ‘get rich quick’ forex schemes, he found himself a mentor and learned how to manage major accounts. Now, he’s set up his own mentorship scheme and posts weekly analysis updates and top forex pairs for the week on Twitter.

Founder of https://www.forexmentorpro.com/ 

10. @MBForex

Best for: Weekly strategy webinars

About him: An expert in short-to-medium-term trading, Michael Boutrous (@MBForex) has two decades worth of experience on the trading desk and is regularly cited by major news outlets like Reuters and the Wall Street Journal. His Twitter feed is packed with price charts and technical analysis on the top forex pairs, and you can watch his strategy webinars for a more in-depth look.

Trader with https://www.dailyfx.com/

11. @forex

Best for: Daily chart analysis on all the major currencies

About him: A self-made expert, Arnaud Jeulin is all about helping the average person trade forex. He posts charts with quick analysis on every top currency each day and his website has a whole range of trading tools where you can easily compare things like correlation and volatility between different forex pairs.

Works at https://www.mataf.net/

12. @alaidi

Best for: His ‘intraday market thoughts’ blog posts

About him: Ashraf Laidi’s feed is a great place to get all the latest news that affects the forex markets as well as the economy as a whole. On his website you get regular analysis of all breaking news, with an approach that considers all the wider factors that affect each currency pair that you might not get anywhere else. All of this work is available in English and Arabic.

Works at http://www.ashraflaidi.com/ 

13. @Trader_Dante

Best for: A free trading tool kit

About him: One of the most outspoken traders on this list, Tom Dante’s Twitter feed is a compilation of no-holds-barred takes on everything from crypto trading to forex analysis. His website has some free teaching material and webinars along with subscriber content on how to become a better trader.

Founder of https://trader-dante.com/ 

14. @ForexCrunch

Best for: Weekly forecasts for the top currency pairs

About him: The ForexCrunch feed is run by its founder Yohay Elam and both the account and its website are about responsible forex trading. You’ll find daily and weekly forecasts to help you keep track of the big news, and then there are free charts for pairs like GBP/USD that you can customise yourself once you start to trade.

Founder of https://www.forexcrunch.com/ 

15. @Tradeciety

Best for: The ‘Traders Improved’ podcast series

About him: The Tradeciety website is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know as a new forex trader. There’s a mentorship program, blog, and courses along with their podcast. On his Twitter account, co-founder Rolf Schlotman posts actionable advice along with links to his Youtube trading tips, where you can see examples of the tips in action.

Co founder of https://tradeciety.com/

16. @EarnForexBlog

Best for: An ebook library of more than 80 books on forex trading

About him: Earn Forex is one of the most comprehensive websites in our list, with a huge amount of resources available for free. Follow the Twitter account to see the latest blog updates and then head to the website to find reviews of virtually every trading platform, tools and tips, and a community of like-minded traders to guide you through your journey.

Founder of https://www.earnforex.com/

17. @kathylienfx

Best for: The Zip trading indicator

About her: Kathy Lien started her financial career on the trading desk and has published three books on currency trading. Her subsequent time in currency research means her feed is a priceless resource for finding out what’s going on in the forex markets. Additionally, her asset management fund is based on creating a unique analytical model, which you can grab a slice of by learning about the Zip trading indicator.

Co founder of http://www.bkassetmanagement.com/

18. @This_Is_VP4X

Best for: A completely alternative method of trading forex

About him: Patrick set up his website like a college course to teach anyone who wants to learn about forex. With regular Youtube videos, and an active feed full of charts and comments, there is plenty of free material out there to help you get started. His website is a treasure trove of material, packed with resources that include a podcast where he answers users’ questions.

Founder of https://nononsenseforex.com/

19. @NialFuller

Best for: Free educational courses for beginners and advanced traders

About him: Known as ‘the authority on price action trading’, Nial Fuller is an Australian trader who offers up most of his knowledge and expertise for free. His website and feed are geared towards beginners, with courses that teach you the basics of the market and his proprietary trading strategy. 

Founder of https://www.learntotradethemarket.com/ 

20. @chrislorifx

Best for: His very own ‘Pro Traders Club’

About him: With over two decades’ experience trading forex, and as an early proponent of using Fractal Geometry in forex trading, Lori (@chrislorifx) has accrued a substantial social media following. He regularly posts helpful technical insights into the forex, commodities and equities markets on his Twitter account, though his Pro Traders club is where his knowledge really shines. You can subscribe to receive regular educational content, or you can even check out the blog or open members’ area. 

Founder of: https://protradersclub.com/

21. @2ndSkiesForex

Best for: His tailored trading courses for beginners
About him: As a self-described ‘verified profitable trader,’ Capre is a Buddhist and philanthropist who has created an active community of traders on his Twitter and YouTube accounts. In addition, via his website, he taps into the psychology of a successful trader, explaining how to take the next step with easy-to-understand lessons. With over 40,000 hours behind the charts, Capre could well be worth a follow. 

Founder of: https://2ndskiesforex.com/

22. @priceactionkim

Best for: All things forex

About her: Kim is a retired CPA from California who has been trading for 17 years. She takes the forex market very seriously, and this is demonstrated by the high calibre content on her Twitter feed, YouTube page, and her website. If you are looking for a proven way to successfully trade forex, look no further. 

Founder of: https://priceactiontradersinstitute.com/

23. @ForexKong

Best for: Rapid intermarket analysis as price swings occur

About him: Forex Kong is this trader’s ‘trade name’ which he has adopted over time in the financial blogosphere. His aggressive trading style has brought him success, and he has been able to trade full-time for a living for the last 8 years. He plans to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future, but his trading tips and real-time advice are there for all to see. 

Founder of: https://forexkong.com/ 

24. @tradergav

Best for: An honest, humorous look at the forex and equities markets

About him: Gav is definitely worth a follow if you are looking for honest, clear information. Unlike with many of his peers, you can find a swathe of free lessons and guides on his website, alongside his real-time market analysis on his Twitter feed. The self-professed ‘old fart’ likes to ‘trade with the noise,’ and he has plenty to teach you. 

Founder of: https://tradergav.com/

25. @Dr_Refwayne

Best for: Expert and inspirational advice about the forex space

About him: Ref is Africa’s youngest billionaire; credentials don’t come much stronger than that. He is also a major crowd puller in Africa and has been a master forex trader since 2011, authoring a popular book, The Art of Trading. He has also been one of the main developers of the forex AMG robot, which is an affordable, all-in-one, automated system for your forex trading needs. 

26. @forexlifecom

Best for: Quickfire trading alerts

About them: Forex Trading has a large and active Twitter following. On the company’s Twitter page, you can find links to informative articles and free signals, whereas over on its website you can find articles detailing the best forex trading methods. The main offering here is the company’s signals app.

Founder of: forex-life.com

27. @walterpeters

Best for: Creating your own personalised forex trading system

About him: Offering a free masterclass via his website, Walter Peters Ph.D. is a forex trader and psychologist who takes a unique, indicator-free approach to forex trading. With regular webinars and helpful snippets of advice, Peters is a true expert in the forex space. Moreover, he is also an expert on the human mind, and this is immensely useful when it comes to making objective, rational decisions.

Founder of: https://www.fxjake.com/

28. @austinsilverfx

Best for: Helping you become a full-time, self-sufficient trader.

About him: Providing some of the most pragmatic and practicable advice on this list, Austin Silver is a forex trading coach with plenty of knowledge. He offers ebooks, trading journals, courses, and even one-to-one mentoring for those looking for a little more direction. In addition, early subscribers to his ‘BACKTESTING101’ programme have the chance to use an automatic and interactive spreadsheet that has proven to be profitable. 

His blog: https://lnk.bio/asfx

29. @MarketTraders

Best for: A rounded view of the global financial markets with an emphasis on forex

About them: Market Traders Institute refers to itself as a leading Financial Education company. The Market Traders website is one of the most useful on this entire list. It has a slick, clear interface, and a host of detailed lessons for traders at all stages. If you are looking for the most diverse range of educative tools on this list, look no further.

Website: https://www.markettraders.com/

30. @TradingHeroes

Best for: A holistic approach to trading that also covers key psychological aspects

About him: Something that is often neglected when educating traders is teaching them about how psychological factors can impact the coherency of their decisions, and more widely, disrupt the implementation of their whole strategy. That is where Hugh Kimura comes in. While he also teaches the technical process of trading, his ability to articulate the mindset of a successful trader is without equal, and this could be beneficial for your wider life too. 

Founder of: https://www.tradingheroes.com/

31. @Rayner_Teo

Best for: Helping retail traders beat the markets

About him: Rayner covers all bases when it comes to trading. You can regularly read his practical, trading-related tweets or access his website’s advanced trading courses. Our favourite thing about this account is the candid, motivational lifestyle tweets that regularly make an appearance. When you are having a down day, they can be like a shot of espresso, quashing any weariness and bolstering your motivation to perform better. 

Founder of: https://www.tradingwithrayner.com/

32. @ForexApps

Best for: Learning how to start your own forex signals service

About him: Rimantas (@ForexApps) is an expert forex trader and programmer; his book, How to Start Your Own Forex Signals Service, provides an exceptional insight into a different kind of forex market monetisation. While his Twitter isn’t updated particularly often, you can find his latest thoughts on his forex blog.

Founder of: https://www.ea-coder.com/ 

33. @desiretotrade

Best for: Learning how to be financially free so you can quit your job and travel the world

About him: Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Etienne (@desiretotrade) has established a significant social media following in his 6-or-so years on Twitter. Via his website, he provides accessible and easy-to-follow videos about forex trading, and his advice can be useful for beginner’s and forex experts alike. You can also find regular psychology lessons and even broader discussions about fascinating topics like AI. 

Founder of: https://www.desiretotrade.com/

34. @terraseeds

Best for: Mathematically-based forex systems that specialise in projective ratio analysis

About her: Offering a free Telegram channel on her trade analysis, Binni Ong is a forex trader with mathematics at her core. Via her website, you can find detailed courses that come in free or paid form. If you are looking for finely-tuned technical trading advice, TerraSeeds is well worth a follow.

Works at: https://onlineforexmaster.com/

35. @VladimirRibakov

Best for: Detailed technical analysis translated into easy-to-understand information

About him: Having spent 12 years as a professional forex trader, Vladimir is now a Senior Trader and top Technical Analyst at TradersAcademyClub.com. If you are looking for advice that is relevant to the here and now, Vladimir’s Twitter feed is full of it, and you can find much more of his content on his personal website.

Founder of: https://vladimirribakov.com/

36. @ToniSignals

Best for: Sharing forex trading ideas

About him: With a growing community, Best Forex Signals (Toni Signals) is a Twitter account, YouTube page, Telegram and website. Offering some of the most practicable, real-time information on this list, Best Forex Signals is an excellent account to follow if you are looking for easy-to-understand information delivered at great pace.

Website: https://tonisignals.com/

37. @Kakiforexcom

Best for: Instant market coverage and analysis

About them: Following Kakiforex is a great way to stay informed about the forex markets. The Twitter account constantly updates its followers on the financial markets, explaining what is happening and how it could affect your investments. The Malaysian company aims to help individual traders learn the forex ropes, and it is certainly worth a follow.

Website: http://www.kakiforex.com/ 

38. @ForexBoat

Best for: Simple and clear educative material about the forex market

About them: Several thousand crew members have clambered aboard the Forex Boat, and it is easy to see why. The Twitter account posts real-time market commentary and analysis, while on the company’s website you can find a host of content that covers everything you need to know about forex. From learning how to choose the right broker, to making consistently profitable trades, it is all plain sailing with the Forex Boat. 

Website: https://www.forexboat.com/

39. @preferforex

Best for: Industry-leading forex signals

About them: Standing as undoubtedly one of the best forex signals providers, PreferForex has helped many forex traders produce consistent returns. On the company’s Twitter account you can find real-time price analyses, with more resources available on the PreferForex website. With a 15-day free trial available for traders looking to dip their toe into the water, PreferForex is a great option for new and experienced traders alike.

Website: https://preferforex.com/ 

40. @thegeekknows

Best for: Friendly advice for new forex traders

About them: Plenty of the accounts on this list are large companies, so having a more personal source of advice can always come in handy. That is exactly what The Forex Koala is: a single person going out of their way to advise newcomers to the space. However, don’t regard the Koala’s friendliness as an indication of inexperience or a lack of expertise; when it comes to the details, The Forex Koala is very knowledgeable, and the website is regularly updated with useful content. 

Founder of: https://thegeekknows.com/

Our team of financial experts have sifted through the internet researching and refining our list, and we are pleased to endorse all 40 of these worthy accounts. If you’re looking for forex news, or if you want to bolster your forex investing knowledge, these accounts are great places to look in order to find the best and most recent information.

One of the most important traits in a successful investor is humility, because we are all fallible and capable of making errors of judgement. That is precisely why it is important to expose yourself to reliable opinions and data regularly. By following any of these accounts, you can instantly expand your perspective and become a more well-rounded forex investor or trader. 

While this comprehensive list includes all the best forex accounts we could find, it’s always possible we missed one or two. If you believe your name should have been on this list, then tweet us @InvezzPortal and we’ll check you out.

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