How to buy Microvision stock after MVIS fell 10% Thursday morning

By: Jayson Derrick
Jayson Derrick
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on Apr 29, 2021
  • MicroVision stock (MVIS) is a developer of laser scanning technology.
  • The popular MVIS Reddit stock offers investors exposure to autonomous technology.
  • This guide will help you buy MicroVision stock today.

MicroVision Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS) is a developer of laser scanning technology for multiple uses, including self-driving cars. MicroVision stock has seen explosive growth with a one-year return of nearly 6,000%.

But MicroVision stock opened lower by 10% on Thursday and at $18.75 it is trading around $10 per share lower from the all-time high of $28 per share. MicroVision stock is consistently mentioned in Reddit investment forums given its exposure to futuristic technologies like autonomous driving.

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MicroVision stock’s popularity among the Reddit community serves as a potential catalyst to support MVIS stock higher.

New investors that are looking to take advantage of Thursday morning’s selloff can do so by following this guide on how to buy MicroVision stock.

How & where to buy MVIS stock right now

Buying MVIS stock and buying shares of any company in 2021 is a very easy process. Many of the top stock brokers offer the ability to buy MicroVision stock at zero-commission.

If you need some guidance in picking out a trustworthy stock broker with a proven track record of success then this article is for you. Our team of financial experts recommend these 2 stock brokers for buying MicroVision stock.

1. eToro

One of the hottest names in the stock broker industry over the past 10 years is eToro. The stock broker not only offers zero-commission trading but includes a social aspect to investing. The stock broker was valued at $10 billion in 2021 and will soon become listed on the Nasdaq exchange.

As such, eToro is among the safest and easiest stock brokers for new investors to buy MicroVision stock. Follow this link to get started with eToro today:

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2. Plus500

Plus500 is a Contract For Difference (CFD) broker that offers trading cross shares, forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more. The benefit of a CFD broker is it offers the ability to buy shares through leverage.

Trading CFDs is a simple concept: Instead of owning the underlying stock, you enter into a financial derivative contract that changes in value based on the price performance of the underlying stock.

If you want to get started with buying MicroVision stock today with Plus500, click this link below:

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What is MicroVision stock?

MicroVision integrates lasers, optics, hardware, algorithms, and machine learning software, and other forms of technology to address existing and emerging markets. Buying MVIS stock is considered by many as a cheaper way to gain exposure to autonomous and self-driving technology compared to buying Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock at $680 per share.

Will MicroVision stock rise in value?

The case for buying MicroVision stock after already gaining more than 5,000% is based on the company’s ability to continue innovating in the field of lasers.

On Wednesday MicroVision announced it completed the development of a new long-range sensor. The new light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor boasts an expected range of 250 meters and a field of view of 100 degrees horizontal by 30 degrees vertical.

“We believe no lidar product on the market, ranging from frequency modulated continuous wave to time-of-flight, has this capability,” MicroVision CEO Sumit Sharma said in a press release. “To achieve safety and successful autonomous driving, we believe this capability delivered at low latency will be a key feature.”

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