How to buy Rocket Companies stock after RKT loses 15%

on May 6, 2021
Updated: Feb 28, 2023
  • Rocket Companies stock lost 15% Thursday morning after reporting an earnings miss.
  • RKT stock was a heavily mentioned short squeeze candidate among the Wall Street Bets community.
  • Investors considering buying RKT stock today can follow these simple steps.

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Rocket Companies Inc (NYSE: RKT) reported Thursday morning first quarter results that disappointed investors and sent RKT stock lower by 13%. The US-based online mortgage company was a short squeeze candidate shortly after its initial public offering.

Rocket Companies stock gained more than 70% in one day alone in early 2021 as the Wall Street Bets community capitalized on RKT short interest of around 40%. Now that Rocket Companies stock is down 15% after Thursday’s earnings miss, investors might be taking a second look at RKT stock amid expectations for a swift rebound.

How & where to buy RKT stock right now

Buying RKT stock and buying shares of any company requires an account with a stock broker that offers access to trade US shares. The explosion of financial services in recent years means investors can buy Rocket Companies stock for a very low cost, if not free.

Our team of financial experts determined these two stock brokers are the best place to buy Rocket Companies stock.

1. eToro

Fintech company eToro is among the select few stock brokers that offer investors the ability to buy stocks for free. Setting up an account with eToro is straightforward and investors appreciate the easy-to-use platform.

Online broker eToro enjoys tremendous popularity among new and veteran investors. A recent deal to become a public company means buying RKT stock through eToro is completely safe. Get started by clicking the link below:

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What is Rocket Companies stock?

Rocket Companies might seem like a boring mortgage company but that is not the case. The company has spent billions of dollars in recent years to leverage artificial intelligence, data analytics, and automation to offer the public the best buying experience.

Buying RKT stock gives investors exposure to a forward-thinking company with a history of acquiring companies to bolster its platform. This further differentiates Rocket Companies stock from legacy banks with outdated products and services.

Will RKT stock rise in value?

RKT stock rose 70% in one day alone in early 2021 near the peak of the GameStop stock short squeeze fiasco. While Rocket Companies stock has given up all of its massive gains, new investors may be willing to take a second look at RKT stock after Thursday’s selloff.

Rocket Companies CEO Jay Farner was on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” segment Thursday morning to make the case that buying RKT stock now is based on the company’s long-term vision:

“When we talk about strategy, we talk about the next three years, the next five years, the next 10 years, and what we are doing to transform the industry.” 

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