Floyd Mayweather joins the NFT craze, announces the launch of his first collection

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on May 12, 2021
Updated: May 20, 2021
  • The NFT craze continues to grow, attracting more and more celebrities and artists.
  • The most recent to announce his involvement is the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather.
  • Mayweather’s collection is set to launch on May 26th, featuring NFTs tied to his boxing career and life.

Celebrities have been jumping on crypto for years now, ever since 2017 bull run, with some being involved even longer than that. However, with the new NFT craze, offering artists, sports stars, celebrities, and others to offer digitized collections of all sorts, these popular individuals and influencers have been getting involved more than ever.

The most recent one to join the NFT offerings seems to be the boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather, who recently announced his own digital collection, which is supposed to launch in about two weeks, on May 26th.

What is known about the Mayweather’s NFT collection

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The collection will launch just ahead of Mayweather’s fight with a popular YouTuber, Logan Paul. According to what is known, Mayweather teamed up with a Reality Gaming Group, IronBend, and Zytara Labs in order to release exclusive digital collectibles.

Each digital artwork will be dedicated to the boxing icon’s legendary career, some unforgettable moments from his boxing and personal life alike. According to the boxer, the collectibles will allow his fans to become a part of the ‘Mayweather Legacy,’ as he named it.

Mayweather is quite proud of his accomplishments, and rightfully so. The boxing legend said that he started from nothing, and beat all the odds to achieve all that he did in his career. He never lost a match during his reign in the ring, and he named himself TBE (The Best Ever). He also added that he doesn’t view himself as a celebrity, but as an icon, who left a massive mark in the world of sports. But, apart from the memory, he now also plans to leave behind his Mayweather Legacy, with the collection being a part of it.

Sports stars continue their involvement with crypto

Also, as some may know, this is not the first time that Mayweather got in contact with the crypto sector. He got involved with Centra Tech in 2017 — a crypto startup that raised over $25 million during its ICO back in the day. Unfortunately, the operation ended up being a scam, that also involved a known rapper DJ Khaled, as well as several other celebrities

He is also not the only boxer to get involved with NFTs. The heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury also plans to launch his own NFTs, while Ethernity Chain also plans to eternalize Muhammad Ali’s legacy through NFTs, as well.

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