Is Livepeer worth investing in June?

on Jun 1, 2021
Updated: Jun 22, 2021
  • Livepeer is a live video streaming network that’s fully decentralized.
  • It is an open-source protocols and developers can freely contribute to the code on Github.
  • Livepeer Inc was founded by Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang

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Livepeer LPT/USD launched in 2017 to become the first live video streaming network protocol that is fully decentralized. 

The mission of this project is to become a viable blockchain-based, economically efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting solutions.

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The live video streaming and broadcasting industry are growing rapidly and as such the company is attempting to improve upon these requirements by introducing a decentralized solution. 

This will inevitably streamline the broadcasting process by allowing producers to submit work on the platform. You can pay-as-you-go, get access to auto-scaling social video services, and video-enabled dApps.

Should you buy Livepeer?

You might be thinking it’s an excellent idea, or you might swing the other way, however, the one thing on everyone’s mind is, is Livepeer a worthwhile investment?

On June 1, its value was $24.60.

If we swing back a month to May the 1st, the value was at $34.83. This means that it decreased by 29.37%.

Even further back, on April 1st its value was at $29.95. This means that today’s value is 17.86% lower.

However, when we look back at March 1st, its value was only at $4.10. This makes it 500% higher in value today.February 1st saw a value of $2.95. This makes it more than 730% higher in value than it was in February.

The future of streaming

If we look at the timeline it is fair to say that this platform as well as a coin has had tremendous growth throughout the span of only a few months. While the value has fallen around 30% at the time of writing, it is still 500% higher than it was back in March, and around 730% higher than it was in February, making it one of the most worthwhile investments for everyone who believed in the project back then.

As more and more people are continually adapting to a home-work environment and getting into streaming, it shows no signs of stopping. With an over $500 million market cap, this might just be the next big coin to watch out for.

That being the case, at $24 it might be a worthwhile investment if you decide to hold on to it for at least a year, as it slowly starts picking back its value. With the potential of the streaming industry, it could sky-rocket the second the general masses start adapting to it. However, if you see it under $20, it might be swinging the other way and should be kept on your watchlist and re-evaluated at the next support level of $20.

Whether this project takes off or not is only a matter of time, but it is providing a solid solution to an industry that genuinely needs it, and as such it just might be worth taking a second look at further down the line as well, even if you don’t decide to invest in it today.