Crypto-friendly users excited as Norton adds Ethereum mining feature

By: Ali Raza
Ali Raza
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on Jun 4, 2021
  • Norton security firm will be adding a crypto mining feature to its LifeLock software.
  • The feature will offer a mining “pool” where a large number of miners contribute their computing power.
  • The move will reduce barriers for entry-level miners and offer more security to its crypto-friendly users.

Popular antivirus company Norton has announced the addition of the Ethereum (ETH/USD) mining feature to its LifeLock security software. This means millions of people who use the software can be able to mine crypto without installing any additional program.

The firm calls the new feature “Norton Crypto” and says it will enable users to earn money by using their computers to mine cryptocurrencies.

Avoiding many barriers to entry

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Chief product officer at Norton Gagan Singh commented about the development. He stated that with the new feature, users can,

Easily turn the idle time on their PCs into an opportunity to earn digital currency.

He added that the company has made it possible for its customers to avoid many barriers to entry into the cryptocurrency mining space.

The company says the new feature will be ready for use for all customers of Norton 260 within the next few weeks.

However, it’s not clear whether Norton will take a share of the earnings or what other business model it wants to run with the new feature.

Merging security and crypto mining

Many antivirus users who had to install mining programs have had their installations rejected because they are falsely identified as dangerous. But with Norton rolling out their crypto mining tool, its users will not have issues using the software while offering complete protection to their system. According to Singh, Norton Crypto was designed because of the expanded needs of consumers for a more secure way of mining crypto.

Norton has previously warned crypto-friendly users of the dangers of allowing unvetted code on their devices or systems. The security firm also stressed the danger of keeping their crypto earnings on a hard drive. As a result, the new feature could be a response to provide a safer mining option for users.

And According to Norton, the feature will offer a mining “pool” where a large number of miners contribute their computing power and share whatever rewards they derive.

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