Why buy THETA in June?

on Jun 21, 2021
Updated: Jun 22, 2021
  • Theta is a blockchain network built for the purposes of streaming video.
  • It has recently seen a higher than usual level of volatility.
  • At its current $7.44 price, it might be a worthwhile investment.

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Theta THETA/USD has risen in value from $6.31 in late May to its current levels of around $7.44. The momentum could be seen as a bullish indicator and you should be comfortable in buying Theta now.

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Theta is a network as well as a company and has been planning on releasing its Mainnet 3.0 for quite some time. This could bring many improvements to the network which have the potential of attracting a lot of new users, increasing its overall value and implementation.

TFuel, otherwise known as Theta Fuel is a cryptocurrency that you can earn on through watching streams and sharing your upload bandwidth. THETA runs the proof-of-stake algorithm, which allows for it to be staked. TFuel is the reward for staking on the network. 

THETA Network Developments

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On June 6, the total THETA staked crossed 60%, making the network more secure than ever before. This should signal to investors the huge level of interest and popularity when it comes to the Theta network.

On June 14, Theta announced that the Mainnet 3.0 is 15 days away, scheduled to release on June 30. They also mentioned that scale testing is continuing without any issues at 30K+ Elite Edge Nodes as well as 150k+ TFUEL stakers, which is done through scaling improvements on the 2.4.0 update. This 2.4.0 update released on June 7 and brought updates to the Theta and TFuel crypto-economics, transaction fee and gas fee adjustments, and TFuel burning.

On June 15, CrytpoSlate announced that a $500 million asset manager known as DHVC joined the Theta Network as Enterprise Validator. This expansion of the Enterprise Validator Council is part of a long-term strategy of decentralizing the protocol with numerous stakeholders that support its mission.

Should you buy THETA now?

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THETA started off 2021 with a value of $1.97. It saw its first big increase of the year on March 23, where it jumped to $12.91. Then it fluctuated to it’s all-time high, after which it dropped to one of its lower points of $8.62 on April 24.

On June 21 theta was $7.44. The big promise here is the Mainnet 3.0 scheduled to release on June 30, which can bring a high level of interest, especially when it starts receiving mainstream appeal from both influencers and journalism headlines.

Furthermore, the numerous improvements it brings to the table could completely shift the way we perceive video streaming, and this level of power will put it on the map of serious streamers. 

Its collaboration with a firm based in Palo Alto, California that manages over $500 million across companies in the crypto and biotech sectors DHVC has also been a supporter of Theta Labs for quite a while, and this could even further boost the value of THETA in the long term.

By the end of July, we’ll be able to see where the price goes, but given the fact that a huge update is underway, the value is bound to cross the $8 mark, or even potentially go as high as $10 if the hype follows the update. At $7.44, THETA could be a worthwhile investment.


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