KarenCoin is up 46%: here’s what it is and where to buy it

on Jun 22, 2021
Updated: Jun 28, 2021
  • KarenCoin is up 44% despite fears of a crypto bear market
  • Find out where you can buy KAREN coin
  • What does the future hold for the cryptocurrency project?

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If you are a cryptocurrency investor, it is more than likely that your portfolio has been bleeding for the last few days. However, one crypto that has consistently managed its peers is KarenCoin (KAREN), rising by 44% in the last 24 hours despite widespread losses for most major cryptocurrencies and altcoins.

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So, should you buy KarenCoin right now? This article aims to answer this question by providing all of the key information you need to know about the project, including what it is, how it works, what its investment prospects are and what the current market sentiment is regarding the coin.

To get things started, our team of analysts have listed the best places to buy KarenCoin in the UK and elsewhere below. Scroll down to get involved.

How & where to buy KAREN coin online

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If you are asking yourself ‘where can I buy KAREN coin,’ we can point you in the right direction: a reliable, low-fee cryptocurrency broker.

While some investors buy cryptocurrency through decentralised exchanges (DEXs), we feel that crypto brokers offer the best blend of reliable service with a diverse selection of assets. The two best platforms to buy KarenCoin are outlined below:


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eToro est une plateforme d'investissement multi-actifs avec plus de 2000 actifs, y compris des actions, des ETF, des indices, des matières premières et des crypto-actifs. eToro propose plus de 20 Crypto-monnaies pour investir ou investir dans leur portfolio Crypto où les investisseurs peuvent bénéficier de la croissance accumulée de Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin et d'autres crypto-monnaies de premier plan. Les utilisateurs d'eToro peuvent se connecter, apprendre et utiliser le Copy Trading, pour répliquer les actions d'un autre trader.

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Eightcap est un fournisseur mondial de commerce en ligne basé et réglementé en Australie. Avec 5 bureaux à travers le monde, nous offrons à nos clients du monde entier la possibilité de négocier un large éventail de marchés sur les crypto-monnaies, les devises, les indices, les actions et les matières premières.

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If even now you know where to buy KarenCoin you are still a little confused about the process, check out our ‘how to invest in cryptocurrency’ beginners’ guide.

What is KarenCoin?

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“Can I speak to the manager?”

KAREN coin is a cryptocurrency named after the famous ‘Karen’ meme. If you aren’t familiar with what this is, it is a middle-aged woman who is self-righteous and entitled and behaves in a rude manner towards staff when she takes a dislike to something. When the employee fails to placate her sizzling ego, she demands to “speak to the manager” in an attempt to seek preferential treatment.

The long-term aim of the KarenCoin project is to build a community-driven NFT exchange that will use Karen Coin as its native cryptocurrency.

We have already seen memes capture the imagination of cryptocurrency investors – most notably with Dogecoin – and the same could be possible for KAREN coin.

In terms of the tokenomics, there is an 8% tax on all transactions over the network, 4% of which goes to tokenholders and 4% into the locked-off liquidity pool.

Should I buy KAREN coin today?

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If you want to invest in a cryptocurrency with the potential for exponential growth, and you don’t have an issue with exposing yourself to heightened risks, KAREN could be the lady for you.

However, make sure you recognise that most of KAREN coin’s price behaviour is driven by sentiment rather than fundamental value. This enhances volatility and makes things more predictable. In order to successfully invest in KarenCoin, you need to be able to read market sentiment and technical indicators better than other people.

$KAREN price prediction

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Our KAREN coin price prediction is currently incalculable. This is because projecting the value of early-stage altcoin projects is too difficult given the lack of fundamental data. In addition, the swathe of variables and unknowns makes any KarenCoin price target unreliable.

However, in the short term, thanks to buoyant market sentiment, we expect the coin to rise in value.

Social media reacts to KarenCoin

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Check out our news section for the latest on KAREN coin and related cryptocurrencies.

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