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Google sees new competition as Brave launches search engine beta

on Jun 23, 2021
  • Brave has launched a new privacy-focused search engine that will compete with Google.
  • The Brave search engine will be unlike any other, as it will be an independent index on the web.
  • While other search engines exist, Google still retains about 90% share of the market.

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Google is, no doubt, is a behemoth when it comes to search engines, as more than 90% of internet searches go through the platform. However, brave is attempting to compete with the market titan by launching the Brave Search.

An independent index on the web

Unlike other new search engines that repackage results from Google, Brave says it is developing an independent Index of the web. However, it will cull some of its images from Bing since its results are not yet good enough.

Also, people can blend its searches from results from Google, although such a feature will need to be enabled by users.

Brave says when the search engine is launched, it will not offer ads from the onset, which is currently offered in Google.

However, it plans to add both free ad-supported search as well as a paid option in the future. Brave also wants to make the Brave Search the default option on its browser before the end of the year.

Brave says the beta search engine has been tested by over 100,000 “early access users.” The company’s wider suites of products have received a wider reception, surpassing 32 million monthly active users. The products include its Firewall+VPN service, Brave news, and its flagship pro-privacy Brave Browser.

Going head-on with Google

The platform also provides privacy-focused Brave ads designed for businesses that want to reach the community of users who prefer more privacy.

Brendan Eich, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brave, stated that the main challenge for the new search engine is getting a lot of people to use it. He added that the search engine will provide more quality search results with their collective actions.

Brave is not the only privacy-focused search engine. Another platform is the Duck-Duck-Go which offers privacy tools such as tracking blockers. It supposedly has about 100 million users. Despite this number, it’s still a heavy battle to go toe-to-toe with Google, the indisputable Goliath in the industry.