47 Top stock traders to follow on Twitter in 2021

on Jun 24, 2021
Updated: Sep 29, 2021
  • These are the 47 best stock traders you should follow
  • Whether you’re looking for the next big thing or hard-hitting chart analysis, there’s something for everyone
  • Ranking factors include the quality of their advice and how often they reply to their followers

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Welcome to the Invezz top stock Twitter traders of 2021, chosen by us to help you get better at investing in the stock market.

Stock markets around the world have spent 2021 at all time highs, and the rise of ‘meme stocks’ makes this the perfect time to cut through the noise and put together a list of traders who can help you put your money in the right place.

Every account on this list has a unique area of expertise, from daily chart analysis to picking value stocks. Many of them have a website, blog, or Youtube channel that you can visit for even more detailed advice, but all provide quality analysis for free on Twitter.

We have ranked these accounts based on a number of factors, including:

  • Number of followers
  • Frequency of helpful engagement with their users
  • Reply rates to questions and queries
  • The quality of their advice and track record

Even after taking those factors into account, it was tough to settle on an order. Ultimately, all these accounts are worth a follow and will make you a better trader. So keep reading to find the best stock traders to follow on Twitter.

Top stock-Twitter accounts to follow

1. @SJosephBurns

Best for: Over 1000 original articles on stock trading

About him: Steve Burns has been trading for nearly two decades and has used that experience to create the leading go-to resource for anyone who wants to learn how to do it. The vast blog archive at New Trader U is joined by a number of extensive courses and even a series of books on trading topics as well.

Website: https://www.newtraderu.com/

2. @timothysykes

Best for: Tim’s Trading Challenge

About him: A self-made millionaire having turned a $13,000 bar mitzvah gift into $2m by trading penny stocks, Tim Sykes has used that to inspire a career as a financial advisor. Nowadays, he posts daily advice on Twitter, trading videos on Youtube, and his website has guides on everything you need to know to succeed with penny stocks.

Website: https://www.timothysykes.com/ 

3. @StocktonKatie

Best for: In-depth technical analysis

About her: Katie Stockton is the founder of Fairlead Strategies, an online platform dedicated to helping investors better understand technical analysis. Encompassing both stocks and cryptocurrencies, Fairlead Strategies helps its users understand and manage risk when it comes to trading. With a background of more than 20 years on Wall Street, featuring roles with Morgan Stanley and BTIG, Katie is worth a follow for traders looking to improve their skills.

Founder of: https://www.fairleadstrategies.com/ 

4. @charliebilello

Best for: The Compound Newsletter

About him: Charlie Bilello has spent his career managing investment portfolios and analysing markets. Now he runs his own investment firm and offers up excellent, free advice through his blog and on Twitter. That Twitter feed is a tour de force of insight, with daily updates that summarise all the latest market news and trends in a chart or two.

Founder of: https://compoundadvisors.com/ 

5. @NorthmanTrader

Best for: The Straight Talk Podcast

About him: Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) is a highly respected technical analyst and contributor to news outlets like CNBC and MarketWatch. Both on his Twitter feed and online he combines his analysis with an appraisal of the wider market to offer relevant investing advice for everyone.

Founder of: https://northmantrader.com/ 

6. @howardlindzon

Best for: The StockTwits app: a social network for traders

About him: A serial entrepreneur and investor, Howard Lindzon is a busy man. He’s written multiple books on investing, regularly makes TV and podcast appearances, writes a free daily trends email and hosts his own podcast as well. The StockTwits app he founded is a great way to connect with other traders and exchange ideas.

Co-founder of: https://stocktwits.com/ 

Website: https://howardlindzon.com/ 

7. @KeithMcCullough

Best for: Hedgeye’s ‘Market Edge’ subscription

About him: Keith McCullough is a former hedge fund manager who’s now helping regular people access industry-level advice. His active Twitter feed is a great place to find quick and simple tips, while the Hedgeye platform is a financial advice empire that brings institutional insight through its own TV channel and a variety of products to help you become a better investor.

Founder of: https://app.hedgeye.com/ 

8. @LindaRaschke

Best for: Daily timing signals webinar

About her: Linda Raschke has been trading since 1981, and managed her own hedge fund so successfully that it was one of the top performing in the country over a five year span. Nowadays, she uses that experience to teach others through her Youtube channel and Twitter feed, and she’s written two books on trading strategies.

Website: https://lindaraschke.net/

9. @iancassel

Best for: MicroCapClub’s educational archive

About him: Ian Cassell started investing as a teenager and now focuses exclusively on the smallest companies in the market. If you want help finding the next small company that hits it big, then his MicroCapClub is the place to go. Along with an active community of like-minded traders, it has a vast educational archive.

Founder of: https://microcapclub.com/ 

10. @InvestorsLive

Best for: A free beginner’s day trading course

About him: Nathan Michaud (@InvestorsLive) regularly posts quick tips and free videos on his feed, while the Investors Live website is a brilliant resource for day traders looking to brush up on their skills. An encyclopedia of every term you need to know is just the start, with guidance, daily watch lists, tools, and community support all available as well. 

Founder of: https://www.investorsunderground.com/ 

11. @DanZanger

Best for: The Zanger Report

About him: Daniel Zanger is the world record holder for the biggest percentage increase in a portfolio over a year. If that isn’t enough to sway you, he posts a newsletter three times picking out stocks to watch out for and regularly tweets out his analysis in bitesize form. He’s one of the best in the business at analysing charts to pick out stocks that are about to pop.

Website: http://chartpattern.com/ 

12. @awealthofcs

Best for: The Animal Spirits podcast

About him: Ben Carlson (@awealthofcs) is an expert on wealth management, who’s written four books on the subject and spent his career managing investment portfolios. Both his Twitter account and website, A Wealth of CommonSense, are all about demystifying finance to make the stock market accessible for the average person.

Website: https://awealthofcommonsense.com/ 

13. @GerberKawasaki

Best for: Financial planning

About him: Ross Gerber is co-founder of Gerber Kawaski, an independent investment advisor, and he runs the @GerberKawaski account. One of the most active feeds out there, it’s a must follow for any budding investor as he delivers insight on everything from wealth management to the state of the crypto markets. 

Founder of: https://gerberkawasaki.com/ 

14. @alphatrends

Best for: Getting to grips with swing trading

About him: Brian Shannon (@alphatrends) literally wrote the book on technical analysis. He has 25 years worth of experience in the markets and now runs the alphatrends website, a swing trading community where he has been mentoring new day traders for more than a decade. You can get access to his expertise just by following his feed, where he posts regular updates and a weekly video roundup on the state of the markets.

Website: https://alphatrends.net/ 

15. @RedDogT3

Best for: A free ebook on moving averages

About him: Scott Redler (@RedDogT3) is a professional trader who mixes technical analysis with his own unique strategies. Great for any investor that’s interested in tech stocks, he posts most of his tips on Twitter along with the charts that back him up. The T3 live website is another great community where you can find an enormous amount of material to help you improve.

Co-founder of the trading community: https://www.t3live.com/

16. @Hedgeye

Best for: ‘Chart of the Day’

About them: Hedgeye was founded by Keith McCullough, who already features on this list. An independent online financial media company, Hedgeye provides great investment advice and its Twitter feed is the best place to get a summary of everything you need to know every day.

Website: https://app.hedgeye.com/ 

17. @johnscharts

Best for: Posting buy tips on Twitter

About him: John (@johnscharts) is an experienced analyst who’s spent more than a decade seeking out new opportunities by studying the technicals. Nowadays, you can get a lot of his tips for free simply by following him on twitter, where he posts the stocks he’s interested in along with some highly detailed charts.

Website: https://bullishchartpatterns.com/ 

18. @allstarcharts

Best for: A free ‘Chart of the Week’

About him: J.C. Parets (@allstarcharts) has built the allstarcharts website from scratch to offer a beginner-friendly route into the world of technical analysis. You can follow him on Twitter to get lots of useful tidbits, and then dive in to the website for actionable advice that you can use to create an investing strategy.

Website: https://get.allstarcharts.com/ 

19. @DanFitzpatrick

Best for: Daily analysis videos

About him: A former hedge fund manager, Dan Fitzpatrick is an expert on stock and options trading who has featured regularly on the likes of CNBC’s Mad Money. Both his Twitter and the StockMarketMentor website are great for teaching you how to take profits, or when to cut and run. 

Founder of: https://stockmarketmentor.com/ 

20. @OptionsHawk 

Best for: Monitoring institutional trading activity

About him: Joe Kunkle (@OptionsHawk) began his career managing institutional trading accounts but now helps the average person access institutional level research. He posts some of his tips as ‘daily freebies’ on the Options Hawk website, or you can follow him on Twitter and see the moves he makes every day.

Website: https://www.optionshawk.com/ 

21. @jsblokland

Best for: Charts, charts, and more charts

About him: One of the best graph gurus on Twitter, Jeroen Blokland (@jsblokland) includes one in nearly every post. From commodities to treasury yields to cryptocurrency, there’s something on his feed for everyone. And he has a new investment research platform in the works as well.

22. @BreakoutStocks

Best for: Finding the next big breakout stock

About them: As the name suggests, @breakoutstocks is all about finding what has popped and what’s about to go big. On the website you can find all types of breakout stocks, from ones to watch to the ones that explode all the time. 

Website: https://www.topbreakoutstocks.com/ 

23. @LMT978

Best for: The daily trend report

About him: Larry Tentarelli worked at Merrill Lynch before going out on his own and has been posting market analysis, stock tips, and ETF suggestions on Twitter for nearly a decade. His Blue Chip Daily website is one of the leading resources for information on longer term investing, with a focus on large cap stocks.

Founder of: https://bluechipdaily.com/ 

24. @szaman

Best for: The trading watchlist

About him: Sayad Zamen (@szaman) is a stock market veteran who posts weekly watchlists that picks stocks to look out for. He puts lots of his analysis on Twitter and even more on the Bulls on Wall Street blog, where you can find educational resources and market commentary.

Website: https://bullsonwallstreet.com/ 

25. @WarriorTrading 

Best for: Trading analysis on Youtube

About him: One of the most transparent traders out there, Ross Cameron (@WarriorTrading) posts audits of all his trades along with Youtube videos explaining what went on. His engaging videos are a must-watch for anyone who wants to understand the mentality of a trader and how to become a successful one.

Website: https://www.warriortrading.com/ 

26. @cullenroche

Best for: Big picture financial advice

About him: Cullen Roche is an asset manager who is used to managing hundreds of millions’ worth of investments. He became successful by managing risk and considering macroeconomic factors, and now delivers his expertise on Twitter with lots of ‘zoomed out’ advice that every investor should know.

Website: https://orcamgroup.com/ 

27. @markflowchatter

Best for: Undiluted market news

About him: Marc Lehman is one of the best places on Twitter to get a short summary of all the latest market news. From companies he likes, to who’s reporting that day, to which stocks have been upgraded or downgraded by mainstream sites, he’s a must-follow for anyone who wants to stay in touch with what’s going on.


Best for: Picking out market leading companies

About him: JT (@TCMLLC) is a self-taught investor with a knack for picking out market leading companies. His website, TickerMonkey, includes a slack channel where you can interact with other investors, and an actively managed portfolio you can follow along with. You can get free insight on Twitter, where JT posts extremely in-depth analysis of individual companies every week.

Website: https://www.tickermonkey.com/ 

29. @Trendspider_J

Best for: The technical analysis blog

About him: Jake Wujastyk (@Trendspider_J) is one of the founding members of the Trendspider analysis software. As the founder of a piece of technical analysis software, it’s not surprising that his Twitter feed is full of charts, and he’s an absolute must-follow for anyone who wants clear and simple trading advice.

Website: https://trendspider.com/ 

30. @IncredibleTrade

Best for: Real time trading alerts

About him: The Incredible Trade website offers a whole range of services that can help you become a better trader, like stock watchlists and IPO alerts. Or you can simply get lots of great advice from it’s Twitter instead. The feed is always picking out all the most important market news that you need to know. Or constantly making predictions on where popular stocks or the market as a whole might go next.

Website: https://incredibletrades.com/ 

31. @RobInTheBlack

Best for: The Strat Attack Show

About him: Rob Smith (@RobInTheBlack) has pioneered his own unique trading method. Known as #TheStrat, it’s a charting method that he’s transformed into a whole community that you can join on the Ticker Tocker trading app. He posts daily videos on Youtube analysing the most popular stocks, where he takes you through his method in action.

Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/smithsintheblack 

32. @KimbleCharting

Best for: Chart pattern analysis

About him: Having worked in financial services for more than three decades, Chris Kimble (@KimbleCharting) knows what he’s talking about. His approach is to use chart patterns to pick out trends that might reverse or stocks that are about to break out. His free blog and newsletter are the perfect way to get easily digestible information that you can put to good use.

Website: https://kimblechartingsolutions.com/ 

33. @kunal00

Best for: Day trading with a fundamental trigger

About him: Kunal Desai (@kunal00) is the founder of Bulls on Wall Street, which is packed full of educational trading content. You can sign up for the 60 day boot camp, or any of a number of other courses and workshops. Kunal himself posts lots of analysis on Twitter, and not just about stocks: he’s a crypto trader as well.

Website: https://bullsonwallstreet.com/ 

34. @TMFJMo

Best for: The Motley Fool Money Podcast

About him: Motley Fool Money takes a weekly look at all the latest stock market news and what it means for investors. Jason Moser (@TMFJMo) is one of the panellists and his feed is a great place to get the latest earnings news, as well as analysis of the top companies on the market.

Website: https://www.fool.com/podcasts/motley-fool-money/ 

35. @IBDinvestors

Best for: The IBD Stock of the Day

About them: The Investor’s Business Daily is one of the best places to find the next big stock. Its expertise at picking stocks is based on half a century of experience, back to its founder identifying the seven key traits of successful companies. The website is a great resource, with lots of tools to help you work out what to invest in.

Website: https://www.investors.com/

36. @MarwoodJB

Best for: 101 lessons for aspiring traders ebook

About him: Joe Marwood (@MarwoodJB) has done it the hard way: he’s experienced the highs and lows of life on the trading floor. His advice is clear-headed and sensible, helping the average person to manage their risk while still making wise long term investments. His 101 lessons are a must read for anyone who plays the stock market.

Website: https://decodingmarkets.com/ 

37. @thechartist

Best for: The Growth Portfolio service

About him: Nick Radge (@thechartist) is a technical analysis expert who’s worked for international banks across the world. His website, The Chartist, is a goldmine of information for long and short term traders alike. There’s a free knowledge centre, mentor courses, or a full subscription where you can follow trades made by real experts in the space.

Website: https://www.thechartist.com.au/ 

38. @ZorTrades

Best for: Following a model portfolio

About him: Frank Zorrilla (@ZorTrades) is a former Wall Street trader who’s used to managing big accounts. When he tells you how to minimise losses and manage risk, it’s worth listening to, and he dishes out most of this advice on Twitter. If you want to follow his trades in action or get advice on saving for retirement, he offers a subscription option as well.

Website: https://frankzorrilla.com/ 

39. @InsiderBuySS

Best for: Insider Buy Superstocks book

About him: Jesse Stine (@InsiderBuySS) turned his portfolio from $45,000 to over $6 million in three years and wrote a book about it. That book contains all the tips and strategies that took him to success, and how he went against traditional methods to reach it. 

Website: http://jessestine.com/ 

40. @wolfofwolfst

Best for: Decoding financial data

About him: Wolf Richter (@wolfofwolfst) is the founder of the Wolf Street website, which translates complicated financial news and information into easily understandable chunks. His Wolf Street Report blog cuts to the chase of every single piece of market news worth knowing about and turns it into something you can use to become a better investor.

Website: https://wolfstreet.com/

41. @super_trades

Best for: Following his trading success

About him: Paul Scolardi (@super_trades) posts all his trades online so that you can follow his moves. With a proven track record of success, you can use his Twitter account to get an idea of what he looks out for, while he often posts news and analysis it’s worth knowing about as well.

42. @DKellerCMT

Best for: A free behavioural investing course

About him: David Keller (DKellerCMT) is a technical analysis expert with a wealth of experience from time at Fidelity Investments and at Bloomberg. His Market Misbehaviour website teaches you how to reduce your biases by trusting the charts and his Twitter feed is a great window into the mind of a pro.

Website: https://www.marketmisbehavior.com/ 

43. @TradersCorner

Best for: The High Probability Stock Trading Course

About him: Having succeeded in the tough 2008 market, Garth Mackenzie (@TradersCorner) earned his stripes on his way to becoming a respected market commentator. The Traders Corner website offers daily analysis to help you become a successful long term trader and Mackenzie posts a four minute video that summarises the state of the market every week.

Website: https://www.traderscorner.co.za/index.php 

44. @emmetlsavage

Best for: Accessible tips and advice on stock investing

About him: A life-long investor in the stock market, Emmet Savage is the CEO of MyWallSt. The platform gives members access to expert analysis, recommending the top 1% of stocks each month and integrating with various broker apps to help you manage your investments seamlessly. Follow Emmet for regular stock updates, and sign up for MyWallSt if you want to learn more.

Website: https://mywallst.com/ 

45. @marcchaikin

Best for: Clear, easy-to-understand stock ratings

About him: Marc Chaikin is the founder and CEO of Chaikin Analytics. With a background of 40 years on Wall Street, Marc posts regular analysis pieces covering various markets, in addition to providing a very user-friendly ‘power garage rating’ for each stock on the Chaikin Analytics platform. This takes into account over 20 factors and gives each stock a rating from ‘very bearish’ to ‘very bullish’ – helping beginner and expert investors alike quickly assess the market.

Website: https://www.chaikinanalytics.com/ 

46. @JasonLeavitt

Best for: Stock chart updates and signals

About him: Jason Leavitt is the head of research at leavittbrothers.com. He regularly shares recent stock price charts with short, punchy analysis, on Twitter, and the Leavitt Brothers platform offers a subscription service providing signals and educational materials to traders. If you’re interested in learning more about how to time your trades, you can do worse than checking out Jason’s masterclass in trading.

Website: http://blog.leavittbrothers.com/ 

47. @MarketClub

Best for: Signals and education about technical analysis

About them: MarketClub provides tools and signals for traders, with membership being priced at $150 per quarter or $449 annually. Founded in 2002 by former loor trader Adam Hewison, today MarketClub provides a range of signals and interactive charts to help investors time their trades perfectly. 

Website: https://club.ino.com/join/ 

To come up with this list, our team of experts researched hundreds of the top trading accounts on Twitter, investigating the value they give to their followers. If you want to hone your skills as an investor, then any of these accounts are worth keeping up to date with.

Nobody’s perfect, however, and while this list contains all the best stock trading accounts we could find it’s always possible that some top accounts slipped through the net. If you think you or someone you follow should have made the list, then tweet us @InvezzPortal and we’ll take a look.


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