Top 3 meme cryptos to buy in July: the next Dogecoin?

on Jun 25, 2021
  • Find out the 3 best cryptocurrencies to buy today
  • Learn about SHIB, BabyDoge and PAWG
  • Should you buy a meme cryptocurrency?

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Meme coins have risen to prominence this year, as numerous altcoins with questionable fundamentals have surged in value thanks to market sentiment. While the cryptocurrency market as a whole has struggled in recent weeks, there are still plenty of gems to pick up ahead of exponential growth.

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This article lists the top 3 meme coins you can buy online right now and explains why they present such an intriguing value proposition. If you are looking for a high-risk/high-reward investment opportunity, these 3 meme cryptocurrencies could be a great choice.

Where to buy cryptocurrency online

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If you are ready to buy coins immediately, the best place to buy cryptocurrency in the UK and elsewhere is an online crypto broker. These are regulated platforms with low fees that allow you to form a comprehensive and de-risked portfolio of shares.

Here are the two best platforms to buy and trade cryptocurrency right now:


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Binance har vokst eksponentielt siden det ble grunnlagt i 2017 og er nå en av, om ikke den største kryptovaluta børser på markedet.

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Verdens lengste stående krypto utveksling. Siden 2011 har BitStamp gi et sikkert og pålitelig handelssted til over fire millioner individer og en rekke institusjonelle partnere.

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If you want to buy meme crypto but you lack the necessary knowledge to do so, check out our step-by-step guides to buying cryptocurrency in 2021 to help you grasp the basics and make an investment.

Top 3 cryptocurrencies to buy right now

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The 3 best meme coins to buy in July are listed below:

1) Shiba Inu coin ($SHIB)

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This cryptocurrency is very similar to Dogecoin, though it markets itself as the ‘Dogecoin killer.’ Also known as Shiba Token, Shiba Inu is a community-focussed cryptocurrency project that was launched in August of 2020 by anonymous creator, Ryoshi.

SHIB runs on the Ethereum blockchain and since its recent listing on Coinbase Pro, has gone from strength to strength, experiencing a surging trading volume and a rising price.

The cryptocurrency has already risen by several thousand per cent and shows no signs of slowing down, and with the introduction of ShibaSwap – the project’s official exchange – token staking opportunities will also be presented to investors.

While the fundamental value of the project is questionable, the Shiba Inu coin price continues to surge thanks to an enthusiastic community of investors and ever-increasing adoption.

2) Baby Doge Coin ($BabyDoge)

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Running on the Binance smart chain and pioneered by fans of DOGE, Baby Dogecoin is a trending, increasingly-popular cryptocurrency and the offspring of its father, Dogecoin.

With an integrted smart staking system, BabyDoge coin is a hyper-deflationary altcoin, with a 5% tax on all transactions in the ecosystem going directly to the wallets of tokenholders.

The BabyDoge coin price has performed exceptionally well in recent weeks, soaring in value and generating huge shareholder value, and this trend looks set to continue. In terms of the fundamentals, Baby Doge Coin has, cheaper gas fees, faster transaction speeds and increased scalability over Dogecoin thanks to its 5-second block time (as opposed to DOGE’s 60 seconds). However, this is primarily a sentiment-driven story.

3) PAWGcoin ($PAWG)

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We feel very bullish about PAWGcoin’s investment potential. It aims to be a direct blockchain rival to the OnlyFans platform, a service with 30 million registered users and 450,000 content creators that allows individuals to monetise their work for ‘fans.’

The actual open-source code base behind OnlyFans already exists and is simple to replicate for any competent development team. So, PAWGcoin is a project with a low technical risk, and the blockchain aspect adds anonymity, which is especially useful for a platform of this type.

With several major celebrities with millions of followers each onboard, the marketing roadmap for PAWG coin is encouraging. The PAWGcoin price has risen meaningfully since it was first launched into the public market, and this trend looks set to continue should the development team manage to pull this off successfully.

For a ‘meme coin,’ PAWG has lots of fundamental potential, making it a slightly less risky project than some of its more hollow contemporaries.

Should I buy a meme coin?

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‘Meme’ coins, also known as sh*tcoins by members of the community, have a lot to offer, provided you recognise their limitations. If you recognise that most have little fundamental value and are incredibly high risk, you can be more pragmatic about the potential outcomes.

In short, many of these meme coins are essentially lottery tickets with superior odds. Would you rather buy a lottery ticket with an infinitesimal chance of winning big money, or research a variety of high-risk meme cryptocurrencies and spread your bet across several?

As a small and speculative part of your portfolio, investing in memecoins makes sense.

For the latest news on meme tokens and other cryptocurrencies check out our news section.


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