Alchemy integrates Polygon technology to accelerate blockchain development

on Jul 7, 2021
  • Polygon’s scaling solutions have more than 450 Dapps and 1.7 million unique users
  • Developers creating the top Dapps on ETH will avail of Polygon’s low cost, high speed
  • Alchemy powers over $22 billion in transactions worldwide

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Alchemy, the most powerful blockchain development platform, which more than two-thirds of Ethereum (ETH/USD) Dapps rely on, has integrated Polygon to accelerate development of blockchain products and services. Polygon, formerly MATIC (MATIC/USD), is the first user-friendly, well-structured platform to scale Ethereum and develop infrastructure. At its heart is the flexible Polygon SDK, a modular framework that helps create and link Plasma, Validium, Optimistic Rollups, and other Secured Chains with sustainability and independence in mind.

Polygon’s scaling solutions have more than 450 Dapps and 1.7 million unique users

Polygon’s Ethereum Scaling solutions are becoming more and more popular and widespread. They have more than 1.7 million unique users, 380M+ txns, and over 450 Dapps creating satisfying user experiences in NFT, DeFi, and gaming. Polygon is fully compatible with EVM and supports most Ethereum tooling out of the box. With the integration, developers creating the top Dapps on ETH will take advantage of Polygon’s low cost, high speed, and safe and secure infrastructure as well as to Alchemy’s state of the art developer tools through the Alchemy developer.

Alchemy powers $22B+ in transactions worldwide

Alchemy powers over $22 billion in transactions in almost every country in the world. Ultimately, the integration with Polygon will lead to enhanced access to Aave (AAVE/USD), Curve (CRV/USD), and other DeFi blue-chips thanks to improved developer and user experiences. Polygon’s API documentation lists the methods supported at present.

Partnering with Alchemy

On their website, Alchemy detail five partnership opportunities to those interested: through their social media, by being spotlighted on their blog, via the Alchemy Accelerator, by joining the Badge Program, and by being featured in their newsletter.

Social media and blog

On social media, partners can reach and create relationships with loyal users instantly. They can share their blockchain project stories on Alchemy’s blog.


Partners can scale their growth with access to a dedicated Web3 support channel, which is available around the clock, as well as with startup discounts and mentorship.   

Newsletter and Badge Program

Users looking for Alchemy’s partners’ content or products will be able to find them in the Projects to Watch section of the newsletter. By joining the Badge Program, they gain credibility and can get rewards.