Anthony Hopkins’s new movie is set to be sold as an NFT on Vuele

on Jul 8, 2021
  • Per Enderby, Zero Contact will be the first feature-length movie to be sold as an NFT.
  • The film’s distribution will involve up to five NFT drops on the Vuele marketplace.
  • Rick Dugdale, a director at Enderby, says selling Zero Contact as an NFT will shield against piracy.

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Award-winning actor, director, and film producer Anthony Hopkins has starred in a new movie that will premier as a non-fungible token (NFT). The firm behind the movie’s production, Enderby Entertainment, unveiled this news through an announcement on July 7, noting that the film will be sold on Vuele, an NFT marketplace for movies. Reportedly, the movie is dubbed Zero Contact, previously titled 92, and Enderby Entertainment believes it will be the first feature-length film to be sold as an NFT.

According to the announcement, Zero Contact’s production took place virtually in 17 territories due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Written by Cam Cannon, the movie’s plot follows five characters spread across the globe who are connected to their devotion to tech mogul Finley Hart, a role played by Hopkins. Their common interest forces them to work together to put an end to Hart’s secret invention, a machine that can either solve all of mankind’s problems or end all life on earth.

Apart from Hopkins, who has managed to win two Oscars and two Emmys among other awards during his career, Veronica Ferres, Aleks Paunovic, Lilly Krug, TJ Kayama, and Martin Sternmark will also star in the film.

Leveraging NFTs to shield against piracy

Per Rick Dugdale, a director, and producer at Enderby, everything about Zero Contact is unconventional. Apart from the fact that the film’s distribution will be through an NFT marketplace, Dugdale disclosed that they shot the entire movie through Zoom. He pointed out that the film’s distribution will involve up to five NFT drops on Vuele. These will include the film itself, among other products that are yet to be determined. The movie is set to be available between late July and early August.

Explaining why Enderby chose to launch Zero Contact as an NFT, Dugdale said the underlying blockchain technology helps create verifiable scarcity in the number of copies of the movie, thus protecting against piracy.

According to Vuele’s website, its platform focuses on movie distribution and viewing, allowing users to purchase content in crypto or fiat currencies. At the moment, Zero Contact is the only film listed on the platform, which is not surprising, seeing as the project went live in June.

While the website does not disclose which blockchain the platform runs on, it claims that members will get an opportunity to buy and watch feature-length content, including behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen footage, bonus features, exclusive Q&As, #filmobilia, and so much more.