Munster asks investors to invest in great tech companies despite Biden’s antitrust plan

By: Ruchi Gupta
Ruchi Gupta
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on Jul 13, 2021
Updated: Jul 14, 2021
  • Invest in great companies whose products we cannot afford to live without using.
  • Great companies and their products will always be in demand amongst consumers.
  • Investors should worry about being able to identify great companies.

In conversation with CNBC’s Squawk Box, Gene Munster, Founder and Managing Partner of Loup Ventures, discusses if tech trade is under threat or pressure of any kind. This discussion takes place in the backdrop of President Joe Biden’s antitrust plan. President Biden, a couple of days back, signed an order. The new executive order targets to crack down on anti-competitive practices of the big tech companies, labour among other sectors. Despite all this, Gene Munster reiterates the fact that investors must consider investing money in big companies.

What the investors should worry about?

According to Munster, investors should worry about identifying great companies. According to him products without which we cannot live and would be willing to pay a higher price for those products is a great company. He states:

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“Great companies are those companies have products that we can’t live without, and we’re willing to spend more money for those products.”

Munster says that investors should not try and understand the supply chain. He says that for companies like Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) China is an important X factor in supply chain. But investors should not worry about such things and should rather worry about identifying these great companies. He states:

“China is an important X factor in terms of companies like apple and understanding the supply chain. But ultimately, to answer your question is what should investors worry about? They should worry about identifying again, these great companies thinking about how their lives are going to evolve and which companies are going to power that evolution”

Munsten names Apple and Google as a great comapany

Citing the example of a great company, Munster names Apple Inc and describes Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) as ‘oxygen of the internet’. He says:

“I think the definition of a great company is apple. Those are products that, ultimately, you can’t even get a hold of right now with Mac and iPad being a month delayed. Google is one of those products. I would describe that as the oxygen of the internet, something we can’t live without”

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