Pinknode and Pontem enter into partnership to supply essential Web 3.0 infrastructure

By: Daniela Kirova
Daniela Kirova
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on Jul 16, 2021
  • The permission-less, public version of Facebook-backed Diem blockchain released later in 2021
  • Ultimate goal is improving Polkadot's existing infrastructure for the benefit of dApp developers
  • Pinknode supplies Pontem with reliable, secure, and scalable API endpoints as main infrastructure provider

Pinknode, the most trusted and used node infrastructure provider on Polkadot (DOT/USD) and Pontem, a Dapp framework built on the same ecosystem, announced a partnership to provide essential infrastructure for Web 3.0 purposes, Invezz learned from a press release. This collaboration will support global entrepreneurs in testing marketability in a public incentivized public network prior to migrating their applications to Diem blockchain, which is permissioned and backed by Facebook.

Developing a permission-less, public version of Diem

Pontem was founded last year with the lofty goal of developing a permission-less, public version of the Facebook-backed Diem blockchain. This ecosystem and currency will be released later this year. As Pontem and Diem will be compatible, all Diem users will be able to access the features developed in Pontem ecosystem. Pontem founder Boris Povod commented:

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“We are excited about collaborating with another project that is aligned to our goals, allowing us both to achieve our full potential. With Pinknode acting as our primary infrastructure provider, their reliable and secure API endpoints will be a key building block to completing our joint goal of improving Polkadot’s current infrastructure, while also allowing us to work towards our goal of becoming the experimentation network for Diem. We look forward to what this partnership will bring.”

Partnership critical to secure scalable and reliable API endpoints

The partnership between Pontem and Pinknode is crucial because they have a common goal: to improve Polkadot’s existing infrastructure for the benefit of dApp developers. Pinknode will provide Pontem with reliable, secure, and scalable API endpoints as the main infrastructure provider as the latter develops the Polkadot-based public alternative to Diem. Within Polkadot’s ecosystem, Pinknode is the most widely used, customizable provider of API endpoints. Polkadot developers can link the existing Kusama developmental ecosystem to dApps via Pinknode’s code.

“In light of our synergies as infrastructure projects on Polkadot, Pinknode fully supports Pontem’s mission to build a bridge to Diem’s permissioned blockchain and potentially onboarding billions of users onto the Polkadot ecosystem,” said Eric Poh, co-founder of Pinknode.

Project to benefit entire blockchain industry

Enabling public and transparent development of new communities and protocols and creating a testing ground for Diem will benefit the entire blockchain industry. The project is not Pontem’s only achievement. They raised $4.5 million from Kenetic Capital, Mechanism Capital, and others in private funding.

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